This 18 Year Old Pakistani Just Started A Viral Campaign To Promote Desi Artists And The World Loves It

By Sajeer Shaikh | 15 Oct, 2017

Our country’s got some amazing artists. And we have social media to thank for bringing us closer to them and allowing us to be able to appreciate their work. Now, thanks to Twitter, everyone else can appreciate them too. Desi artists are being celebrated on Twitter under the hashtag, #SouthAsianArtists. And you’ve got to see how brilliant all the artwork is.


It all started off with this tweet.

And the Twitter user herself shared her brilliant artwork.

Insta-famous Pakistani artist Shehzil Malik shared her artwork.

I’ll give you guys a minute to appreciate it in all its glory.

The hashtag took off, and tweets started pouring in from other artists as well. 

Desi artists were all for showcasing their work under this hashtag.

And rightfully so…

…because it’s all frikkin’ brilliant.

Their display of artwork was absolutely phenomenal.

In fact, it kinda makes you wonder why we don’t promote art as a legit profession.

Because clearly, talent toh bhara hua hai. I mean, just look at these.

Even the artists love the hashtag. And honestly, it feels like we need more of such Twitter trends.

Such trends allow all of us to unearth brilliance on the Internet that was previously kinda underground. 

It’s also really interesting to see the vast variety of artwork that’s come forward from all these desi artists. 

Though pieces are equally breathtaking…

…What makes them distinct is their uniqueness…

…And the personality of the artists that is reflected through their artwork.

Oh – by the way, our Kashmiri bhais also weighed in on the Twitter trend. And WOW.

Moreover, South Asian Artists from all over the world contributed to the hashtag.

Each brought their culture alive through their art.

And showed everyone that art and talent know no boundaries.

Honestly – let’s just thank Twitter for all this wonderful art that we’ve gotten to see.

And let’s hope more of these trends pop up so we keep seeing more of such masterpieces.

What do you guys think about all this amazing artwork? Share your thoughts with us below.

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