An Open Letter To J K Rowling From A Pakistani Fan, Thank You For Saving My Life

By Hurmat Riaz | 31 Jul, 2017

Dear Joanne Kathleen Rowling,

Unlike many other fans, I never wrote to you before because I feel that it is too much pressure writing to you as you’re that one person who made life magical for so many kids (and adults) around the world.

I’m getting nervous just writing this to you because I know that so many fans have written to you and my story may not feel different from the usual but you gave me a childhood which shaped the person that I am now.

All Potterheads can relate to this around the world. But I’m still writing to you because first, it’s your birthday and second, I know that I might not be able to meet you throughout my life (but you never know when a moment becomes magical). But God bless the internet for connecting people who haven’t even met each other but can connect emotionally just because they’re a part of the same fandom.

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So, I’m pouring my heart out to you, on your birthday. You mean the world to me because the world you created became my escape. It helped me go through times when I thought that there’s nothing to look forward to; it made me realize that we all have magic inside us and with the power of that magic, the biggest problems can be solved.


It is the world that YOU created that made me realize that an idea can shape an entire generation and more

I know that billions of fans have written the same to you but I want you to know that Harry Potter has become such a part of my personality that it’s even written on my business card.

Source: Hurmat Riaz

Although I’m 25 years old now and sometimes people make fun of me for still being obsessed with Harry Potter but now I’ve grown immune to it because I learned from how Harry learned to be immune of the taunts of the Dursleys. Your creation is not just books and literature for me but it’s my lifestyle now.


It’s because of the world YOU created that helped me become brave to be my own person

There’s nothing that I’ve which is not slightly related to Harry Potter and this magical realism has helped me in one thing in which I was not good at i.e. having a personality and making connections.

Source: Hurmat Riaz


I cannot imagine the kind of person that I’d have been if I wasn’t introduced to your writing. Maybe less imaginative and less optimistic towards life and someone who doesn’t believe that there’s magic in every ordinary moment of life.

Source: Hurmat Riaz


You taught me to believe in a world that existed in my mind and heart, it helped me connect with you and millions of similar kindred spirits

People argue about how Harry Potter has promoted unrealistic ideas about magic which obviously doesn’t exist in the real world. You cannot summon something just by waving a magical wand or you cannot make objects fly or you cannot fly yourself. There are no such things as dragons or goblins or elves. Whatever your books have and us, Potterheads are obsessed of is not real. But for me, Harry Potter is more than that.

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I remember that I used to read Harry Potter in my school just so that I’ll find kids who are also fans and it’ll help me make friends. As I made friends just because of Harry Potter, I found that they value friendship and loyalty on the same bar as I do.


Even today if I’m wearing or carrying anything related to Harry Potter, it helps me connect with other Potterheads

Other Potterheads come up to me and we start having a hardcore fangirling conversation. And the best part is, it’s international; without any borders.

I’ve friends which I’ve never met in my life just because they’re Harry Potter fans. I still giggle and squeal when I find something remotely related to Harry Potter anywhere around me and it keeps that flicker of hope alive in me that life is magical and it turns out to be magical when you least expect it. In today’s world when everyone is always so angry and outrageous about everything, I think Harry Potter is one of those things that brings fans together on one page.

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If I come across someone who’s a fan, I expect them to be kind, tolerant and open to having difference of opinion. There are researches surfacing now about the tolerant and kind nature of Potterheads but we know that since beginning because we are shaped like that because of your writing.


You’ve created a phenomenon which has helped the world connect because they get each other on an emotional level that we are in dire need of currently

If this is not magic, then what is?

Creating a safe place where people can trust each other on a level just because they are a part of the same fandom. That’s the beauty of your creation that no matter where Potterheads are in the world, they can connect instantly without any fear or idea of being judged.

Source: Hurmat Riaz

I know it’s still not really an easy possibility to meet you but since you’ve made me believe in magical moments of life, I do hope that one day, I’ll give you a warm hug to thank you for all the times your writing saved my life and inspired me to move forward and keep looking for magic around me even when most of the people think that it doesn’t exist.

Thank you, forever


Your fan.


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