Daraz's Cheeky New Ads Want You To Shake SOMETHING, But Pakistanis Just Don't Know What It Is

By Ramsha Bhatti | 16 Feb, 2019

Daraz never fails to amaze people with their marketing plans and strategies. The online shopping portal has been leaving people very baffled every now and then and honestly, this is what a true marketing genius would do to keep its buzz alive.


This time, however, Daraz seems to be going big with its subtle marketing.

Okay, maybe not so subtle after all. But, it is eye catching though, and that’s what marketing is all about right? *looks at my marketing book for support*

People ARE definitely finding the strategy quite interesting. 

What my immature mind can make out of it:

Source: Giphy

Sorry, not sorry. If you say your first impression was otherwise, you’re lyin’ and you can’t be trusted!

source: Giphy

Keeping the “controversial” aspect of the marketing campaign aside, we need to give the team at Daraz due credit for getting a conversation started. Digital Media Marketing has evolved tremendously over the years, and with a decreasing attention span of the target audiences, this is the best way to grab attention.

And this campaign sure did get a lot of attention on Twitter!

For instance, some people thought the requirement was pretty explicit in nature. But really, it’s about what you make of the ad, no?

Funny toh haina at least.

It’s got people asking questions, too.

I mean, double meaning baat ho aur Pakistani na enjoy karen? Aise kaise yaar!

Should we be ashamed?

People have now started a mission to decode what Daraz actually wants us all to shake. 

Going to pitch my 2 cents here: Shake That App?

If you have people making polls to decode your ads, you’re doing something right!

Obviously, guesses lag rahe hain.

Mai keh rahi hun, “Shake That App’ hai!


Hoping to get a few discounts if I get this right.

CC: Team Daraz.

Pretty sure this is what Team Daraz is up to right now:

Also, why is Nicki Minaj getting free publicity out of this?

From a marketer’s perspective, this campaign is nothing short of genius! 

It’s got everyone talking about Daraz. Social media is buzzing (naya word seekha hai, tolerate please) about the true intent behind the campaign. The sexual innuendo in the campaign is there because the campaign, supposedly, has been designed in a way to target millennials and the younger audiences.

Keeping the haw haye element aside, this cheekiness has helped Daraz build up some tension amongst its audiences. Khair, what do you think could fill the blanks? Is it ass? Is it app? Or is it something else? Let me know about your guesses in the comments.


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