Here's Why “Daldal” Is Honestly THE Best Drama On Television Right Now

By Iman Zia | 16 Jan, 2018

‘Daldal’ has really had a fantastic pickup. In the beginning, the drama started off strong, however, faltered in storyline and script soon after the first few episodes. Starring Zahid Ahmed and Armeena Khan, ‘Daldal’s’ premise was simple. A dogged-determined character, Shuja (Zahid) wanted money and luxury, and to attain it he’d do just about anything. While the drama had a slow middle, it’s spectacularly become a toplining drama on television with its development in the plot, raising the bar for its contemporary counterparts.


 The drama is the very few to explore the subject of illegal immigration in London and does so magnificently

Shuja’s adventures in London portray a crisp, raw and eerily depiction of illegal immigration in the city. From living in a communal hostel to picking up the odd jobs, Shuja is struggling. He wanted to get to London, and he’s done just that (through illegal means).

Source: Momina Duraid


Zahid’s first scene as he walks up the steps to Picaddily Circus is breathtakingly done, all packaged in a one-shot masterpiece that really propels this drama to a very credible level

Source: Momina Duraid


Shuja begins working as a dishwasher at a desi restaurant, however, to make ends meet he starts working at a local pub, where he collides with Preet (played by Kubra Khan)

They get along well, and Preet quickly takes a lost Shuja under her wing after a verbal altercation at the pub. While they become good friends, Preet’s frivolous and arrogant nature is quickly unraveled, only deterring Shuja away from her as he begins introspecting on his life back home.

Source: Momina Duraid


Shuja’s relationship with his kind wife Hira is incredibly strained when he leaves, and it’s only when he’s hit with the hardships of life in London that he remembers her

Shuja severely neglected Hira, often hurling verbal abuse at her on many occasions. These cruel moments simmer through Shuja’s head in an unfading montage, and he cannot fathom how poorly he treated her. He only just realizes how pure her love is.

Source: Momina Duraid


Shuja was a despicable husband to the most loving wife and is suddenly has a coruscating moment of clarity when he decides to marry Preet to become a legal citizen

He despises himself for marrying Preet but considers it an unfortunate necessity to attain legality. It’s during this difficult time that Shuja begins his self-discovery.

Source: Momina Duraid


Back home, things are faltering for Hira as she is mocked by her mother-in-law and incessantly aching over her witnessing her younger brother-in-law Kamran and wife so deeply in love; something she never had with Shuja

It haunts her terribly so, yet she doesn’t give up. The fleeting phone calls with Shuja are heart-wrenching to witness – all she wants is her husband.

Source: Momina Duraid


Each episode is so well thought out, and so wonderfully directed you can’t help feel so profoundly for every scene

After the ‘paper marriage’ with Preet, Shuja cannot help miss Hira as he reminisces a happier moment between the two. He truly cherishes her at long last, and it’s true what they say…you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Source: Momina Duraid


‘Daldal’ utilizes the protagonists’ acting in the most optimum, with Armeena and Zahid shining in particular

Zahid as Shuja is just awe-inspiring, and you see the man really dip his toes deeply into his character. He’s one of the finest actor we have right now within the drama realm. Armeena is simply glorious as the humble and broken Hira who wants nothing more than to give love and receive love. Even Kubra is impressive with her buyable Punjabi accent.

Source: Momina Duraid


Strap yourselves for quite the drama ladies and gents. This is a brilliant, brilliant drama.


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