This Woman Had A Brush With Harassment At A Posh Lahore Restaurant But People Blamed Her For It

By Alveena Jadoon | 25 Oct, 2017

Harassment has become a part of day to day lives for both men and women. The idea that it is just limited to less privileged areas is not true. It is something that entrenches the entire society, including the posh areas. This is specifically in reference to Pakistan, where people consider it a right to interfere in everyone’s business.


A recent example of harassment taking place at a high end restaurant was witnessed in Lahore

English Tea House is one of the decent restaurants Lahore has to offer. But people often forget that good food needs to be accompanied by a good service.


Maha S. Khan, shared her story of one of the most weird experiences that she felt. She went to the English Tea House, Gulberg Branch Lahore, a few days ago. Seated inside beside the bakery and desserts shelf, she was having a good time with her friend. This was until they decided to take a picture. While you may think that dressing up, going to restaurants, and taking pictures is a perfectly normal thing to do. Apparently it was not for the staff.


Maha asked her friend to take a picture of her and as soon as she got up, each member of the staff fixed their eyes on her

She even decided to yell out in frustration and ask why everyone was so fixated on her presence. She was merely taking a picture and they could not stop ogling and smirking.

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The fact that Maha had to scream to point out her discomfort in the situation is really disturbing. What is even more ironic is that no one intervened nor apologized. She ultimately left the place because of everyone being at ease with what was going on.


When she shared her experience on Facebook many commended her for standing up for herself, there were those who didn’t appreciate a woman sharing what she felt

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


To such people, Maha says they need to learn not blame these incidents on three things

Number one: The reason she was taking a photo in a restaurant – Tumhy pata hai yahan saarey loug aisey hotey hain.

Number two: This happens in public places.

Number three: Her clothes.

This is harassment and for people to be okay with it is problematic.

The fact that it happened at a restaurant shows how common the problem is and how casually people tend to indulge in harassment. It is something that comes easy to them and they make it seem like they are entitled to doing this when someone is not following their train of thoughts or acting in a way which is different to them.


The restaurant owners did eventually reach out to Maha and apologized, so that’s good for this incident but does that put an end to the issue which is so prevalent in our society?

Via: Facebook


What did you think of this whole incident?

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