In Case You Missed, Here Are The Highlights To The Biggest Gaming Competition In Pakistan

By MangoBaaz Studio | 11 Dec, 2018

The grand finale of the E-sport championship Dew Gamers Arena 2018 brought to us by Mountain Dew and ESL roped in gamers and game enthusiasts from all over Pakistan. The biggest and most intense gaming showdown rocked Lahore at the Expo Centre! Dew Gamers Arena called in gamers of CS:GO and DOTA 2 from all over Pakistan and the qualifying teams that made it into the final round were witnessed live at this event.

We also got the chance to experience the competition first-hand and boy, was it electric.

Daniyal and Saad from the MangoBaaz team attended the event because, as gaming enthusiasts, they were pumped to see it LIVE.


Lahore Expo Center was fully decked out with all the essentials which was a treat to watch for gamers and the masses alike.


Oh and they casually ran into Salman…no big deal.


Saad was particularly excited about being able to play arcade games. WUSSUP.


Look at him GO.


In the meanwhile, Salman was busy taking on the Ukhano army.


Then, it was finally time for Daniyal and Saad to watch the DOTA2 tournament live…




The fight got pretty darn intense, we’ll tell you that much.


After DOTA2 tournament, it came time for the CS:GO gamers to take the stage.


It’s tough out there, guys.


Much focus, many wow.

And the winners that made it through…


Winning the coveted trophy and the Rs.1 Million prize pool…

Clearly was not just a win for these teams, but a historical moment for e-gaming in Pakistan and a nationwide cause for celebration! At the end of the action-packed tournament, Strings took to the stage as if to celebrate the big win with the champions and the crowd. 

Here’s what Daniyal and Saad have to say about their experience with Mountain Dew Gamers Arena finale in Lahore:

The event was very well organized and the first thing we noticed was that everything was at par with the international standards, like the live streaming, the stage and the casters. The viewing match screens for the audience was really good with pretty awesome commentary on the matches in terms of the team game play and their hero selections for Dota 2. The playing teams were sound proof transparent booth which was also very surprising to see since that how Dota 2 and CS:GO Internationals are played. Overall the feel of the event was very electric and having the arcade machines was a nice touch. However, the VR needed some work and the music element was at time not well executed but all in all, the experience was fantastic as a complete competitive gaming experience and has definitely set a new benchmark for the gaming events in Pakistan. Kudos to Mountain Dew for arranging just that.

This post has been sponsored by Mountain Dew Pakistan.

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