Cousins Are Your First Best Friends. Here Are 11 Reasons Why

By Astarte | 19 Feb, 2021

Pakistanis are known for their huge families, and cousins are the best part of this tradition. Not only do you have them around for gossip, sharing secrets, and collective dislike-mongering of mutually irritable relatives, but they are also the fun side to every family gathering and are your best friends by birth. Here’s how cousins make your life a lot better in so many ways:

1. You have known each other for literally your entire life

More often than not, you can find two to three cousins who are your age fellows and all of you have sort of grown-up together with family pictures being a testament to that fact. Having known each other for that long makes for an amazing camaraderie.

2. Sleepovers ki permission? Not an issue

Unlike the case with your normal friends, parents are more willing to allow you to spend the night at your cousin’s place, and the usual begging for permission to hang out doesn’t usually apply.

source: TUC Pakistan

3. You can borrow stuff from your cousins and conveniently forget to return it without severe consequences

It’s practically like borrowing from your siblings. You can take anything you like from their wardrobe and not feel guilty, in case you forget to return the items, because believe it or not, your cousin would also have an item or two from your wardrobe.

4. Teasing them at gatherings is a lot of fun

Have a bunch of stuff on your cousin? Hinting at it at gatherings is a LOT of fun. Especially if the cousin in question has strict, conservative parents. Making life difficult for each other and then sticking out for them at a later stage when they actually do get into trouble is the beauty of the cousin bond.

(But try not to do this).

Via Tumblr

5. Eid, shaadis, and all other festivities become a lot more fun with cousins by your side.

How would you have survived the boring functions your family throws every other weekend, had it not been for your fun-loving cousins, who dislike these festivities with a fervor matching yours? Since all of you gel together quite well, these events become tolerable.

6. CODE NAMES. Code names that you devise with your cousins are hilarious

Have a crush on someone? Code name. Don’t like a particular family member? Code name. Your cousins go through the same shit that you do, and it’s fun discussing these things with them using cool code names that no one can begin to fathom.

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7. Family gossip becomes more exciting if you have a cousin to share it with

So Aunty Rubina’s sister’s husband’s nephew is involved in some scandalous family news and you want the latest bulletin, or want to have an in-depth discussion about the aforementioned topic? Call up your cousin and dive in.

8. You can always confide in your cousins

So you spotted the love of your life at one of the family events, or have developed a huge crush on your cousin’s cousin? The go-to person for such secrets is of course your beloved cousin, who will, for sure, tease you a lot, but will also take the secret to their grave.

source: TUC Pakistan

9. The entire cousin clan has its own WhatsApp group, filled with remnants of failed get-togethers

Every family has these groups where the elders share huge sermons and the younger lot plans a fun get-together that never happens in real life. Whatever one might say about these groups, one thing is for sure – ALL of us have them on mute.

10. You’re most likely going to be their number one at their wedding

So it’s your cousin’s wedding and guess who is in charge of organizing dance practices, bridal showers, and keeping tabs on how to distribute mehndi ki thallis at the mayoon ka function? Yup, it’s you. And the reward you get for all your troubles is a rishta or two at the end of these functions. Not the best outcome, but chalo. 

Source: Vinod Chopra Films

11. Your cousins are kind of like the siblings you wish you had

Sometimes, cousins are way better than your own siblings. You can share a lot more with them. They can be your partners-in-crime. Also, not only do they come with all the attributes of siblings, but you also don’t have to see them every day, which makes meeting them after ages all the more fun and exciting.

Do you agree with this list? Do you have cousins of your own whom you absolutely adore? Tag them here and let them know!



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