A Pakistani's Guide To Contraceptives And How To Effectively Use Them For Good, Healthy S*X

By Zeest Qureshi | 10 Nov, 2017

Did you know that the Pakistani government has subsidized all locally produced contraceptives in Pakistan? Did you what contraceptives are? It’s no surprise if you don’t, because nobody talks about contraception around you.

Anything that can be used as birth control when you are sexually active is a contraceptive and the Pakistani government subsidizes condoms, birth control pills and emergency contraception pills in order to tackle the problem of overpopulation.

No worries. Here is what you need to know about contraception:



This is something that most people know about but get really uncomfortable buying. Men often don’t feel the need to buy condoms and women are left to fend for themselves if they wish to space out their children. Condoms are the most easy-to-use contraceptive that is widely available. They are also recommended along with other birth control as they are effective in preventing STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Source: mic.com

Condoms are sold at most superstores and pharmacies and if you feel awkward buying them, you can also order them online.


Birth Control Pills

This is a form of protection that is specific to women which is why it also has more societal and cultural taboo attached to it. Regardless of that, every Pakistani woman has the legal right to purchase birth control pills for herself. Some brands of birth control pills available in Pakistan include Ovral, Famila-28, Lo-Femenal, Microgynon-30, Novodol, Yasmin, Desogen, Alesse and Nordette.

These are available at pharmacies, health centers and even online.

Source: newsomelaw.com

In order for the birth control to work you need start taking a regular dose at least 20 days before having sexual intercourse. It isn’t something that works on a short term. Better yet, consult your doctor and talk to them before consuming any medication.

Source: Greenstar.org.pk



There are also injections available that you can use to ensure protection and birth control, for a temporary time. You can find them at Greenstar’s website, they’re famously known from their early 2000’s ads about Sabz Sitara.

Femiject is an injection that provides protection for 1 month and Novaject lasts for 2 months.

Source: greenstar.org.pk
Source: greenstar.org.pk


IUD (Intrauterine Contraception)

This is the most effective form of contraception with the least amount of side effects. Types of IUDs available at Greenstar include Safeload and Protect 5 which are both non-hormonal. Once you get an IUD it lasts for 5 years and can be easily reversed if you change your mind before the 5 year period ends.

Source: greenstar.org.pk


Plan B/Morning After Pill

The emergency contraceptive pill is extremely cheap and widely available.  If your choice of contraception fails, the ECP “may” help prevent unwanted pregnancies if it’s taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex.

However, it is a very high hormone dose and cannot be used as a form of regular contraception! That is why it’s called Plan B; you need to have a Plan A too.

Source: greenstar.org.pk

The ECP (Emergency Contraceptive Pill) can be either one step or two step. The one step is just one pill and one dose while the two step is two tablets that you take 12 hours apart.


Health workers often visit homes in rural areas to educate people about the need for contraception but the biggest misconception is that urban areas are full of well aware people. Contraception and Birth Control are both topics that make people uncomfortable and are avoided in conversations so if you want to read more about this please check out valid resources on the internet that can help you understand how to be safe.

This is the Pakistani guide to contraceptives and we hope it clears out some confusions! Have safe sex, everyone.


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