Comedian Jeremy McLellan Just Announced That He Replaced Asad Umar As Finance Minister

By Biya Haq | 18 Apr, 2019


Asad Umar just resigned as Finance Minister and the country is in a bit of a panic.

The country is torn between the fact that the Government let go of someone who was ‘competent’ enough to do the job, versus Pakistanis who are now blaming the party involved for hiring him in the first place.

One again, the country has been split in its own parties, debating their own views, rather than for the collective people of Pakistan.

Of course, there is one very white, very ‘funny’ individual who has taken the responsibility of replacing Umar’s open Finance Minister position. Yup.

Jeremy McLellan just announced that he would be filling the role of Finance Minister for Pakistan.

And lol, people seem to be pretty happy about it.

In fact, they already have a few ideas about what he can do here.

And others are suggesting a Comedy Minister? Honestly doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Could you just imagine what wonders it could do for this country!? Designated laughing hours, laughing gas available in every market, haye.

^ Good fit!

I mean, not entirely sure that Jeremy, a comedian, would be the best fit for our Finance Minister and well, the best fit for anything long-term in Pakistan.

But always good to know that there is a laugh at the end of the tunnel whenever McLellan is involved. Or you know, wherever involves himself.

But also,

Have you seen the conversation on the change in government? Let us know in the comments below. Love you.

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Cover photo source: Cato Unbound/The News

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