Oye! Coke Studio Is Back And This Time, They've Brought You A BIG Surprise

By MangoBaaz Studio | 1 Jul, 2018

Coke Studio, Pakistan’s leading music platform is back with a brand new segment with a completely new audio and visual identity. The platform that has played the role of an enabler for a multitude of aspiring musicians but Coke Studio Explorer, the new segment that is launching on the 3rd of July, will for the first time give viewers the opportunity to witness this voyage of discovery.

Coke Studio Explorer is a musical travelogue that captures the journey of the Coke Studio producers as they make their way across Pakistan to find and hone raw undiscovered talent.

Watch the promo that is live now to catch a glimpse of the producer’s journey:


From the deserts of Balochistan, where they met with the throat singing trio of Mangal, Darehan and Shayan.

Source: Coke Studio


To the beautiful valleys of Kalash, where they discover Ariana and Amrina who aspire to become like their pop-music idol Ariana Grande.

So much so that, Ariana has gone as far changing her name from Farsi Gul to Ariana.

Source: Coke Studio

In the heart of Sindh, they meet siblings Shamu Bai and Vishnu who have made a name for themselves singing bhajans and traditional devotional songs.

Shamu has been has been showcasing her vocal ability since she was only seven.


While Vishnu at fourteen will be the youngest artist to make his debut on Coke Studio this year.


All the way in Muzaffarabad, we meet Altaf Mir the force behind the soft vocals of ‘Qasamir’.

And GOD DAMN, look at how hip hop this squad looks.

Source: Coke Studio


I literally CAN NOT.

Source: Coke Studio



Source: Coke Studio

Honestly, look at these bad boys.

In a career spanning four decades Qasamir has performed across Pakistan and has been associated with Radio Pakistan for over two decades so there’s plenty of vocal action left for us to unpack.


The final artist hails from the world of social media: Born in Pakistan, raised in Toronto and found on the internet Mishal Khawaja is an Instagram star who has captured the imagination of fans with her singing and songwriting prowess.


Definitely keeping an eye out for this one and looking forward to this journey with Coke Studio.

Source: Coke Studio

What do you think about Coke Studio Explorer? Are you excited about learning more? Let us know in the comments section below.

This post has been sponsored by Coke Studio Pakistan.

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