Pakistani Celebrities Are Obsessing Over This Classic Winter Trend And Honestly, We're Kinda In Love

By Arslan Athar | 1 Jan, 2019

Fashion is cyclical they say. So trends that were all the rage like a decade ago seem to be coming back in vogue. Let’s face it, though, our celebrity-obsessed generation probably doesn’t really care for a trend cycle. If our favorite celebrity is wearing something, we have to get in on it. So let’s take a look at what’s the latest obsession for all our favorite celebrities.


Denim jackets have been ‘in’ for years and years; in fact, they’re one of those evergreen fashion items. 


The reason this trend has lived for as long as it has is simply that it’s for EVERYONE.

You can pair them up with simple, clean looks or be all punk, grunge, boho, what-have-you.



Pakistani celebrities have also fully embraced the trend this latest winter season


And you cannot deny- they pull it off oh so well!

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Self-hugs for the win 🙌🏻 📸 @ramon.mercer

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Now, of course, denim jackets are trendy, we all know that. The trend I’m talking about in this post is speficially customized denim jackets our celebrities seem to be sporting.

There’s a stylish mix of patchwork, sketching, and pops of color.


Actually, Bilal Khan’s jacket is the most extra of the lot (in the BEST way possible) 


While Bilal might be grabbing our attention, the true pioneer for this trend has to be Feroze Khan. 


He even dons one for this character ‘Romeo’ in the show ‘Romeo weds Heer’ 


Even though Asim Azhar was styled in this outfit, the choice of the jacket was definitely in line with what’s “cool”, style-wise


Even crowd favorite, Farhan Saeed, adopted the trend

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And better ☝

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Internationally, the trend of having personalized, or ‘pop’ denim jackets has prevailed for quite a while

Since last year, Western celebrities adopted this trend wholeheartedly, which was then taken up major brands and now it has slowly reached us, here in Pakistan.



Looking at all these fabulous jackets, I suddenly feel insecure about my rather sad and ordinary jacket collection.



Honestly, where can I get one of these customized jackets from? 

Source: FOX

I. WANT. IN. I can’t even look at my plain denim jackets anymore.

Ugh, if only I was famous…


What do you think of this trend? Let us know. Oh, and if you know where I can hook myself up with one, PLEASEEE TELL ME.



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Cover Photos Via: @farhan_saeed // @ferozekhan (Instagram) 

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