This Chinese Auntie Playing Traffic Cop Is The Most Badass Display Of Pak-China Dosti

By Momina Mindeel | 15 Sep, 2017

Back in April, the Shaan ad so exuberantly celebrated Pak-China dosti over a plate of Biryani. Pakistanis were just so overwhelmed by this ad laced with our mehaman-nawaz values, that it was all over our social media and had us aw-ing at the cutie Chinese auntie that adorned it. Khair, we eventually got over it until yesterday, when a real life Chinese Auntie helped unblock a traffic jam in Islamabad.

A Pakistani tweet shared a video of a Chinese woman helping unblock a traffic jam in Islamabad earlier yesterday where she had taken it upon herself to play the role of a traffic warden.

According to the witnesses, it happened at F-10 Isalamabad where the traffic was intensely jammed.

After the video of the Chinese Auntie was released on social media, Pakistanis jumped in with their compliments for the auntie

However, there were some who pointed out that the woman could have been from KPK (?!?)

I mean, it is possible. 

While others were of the view that if Chinese aunties just like this one were to be recruited as traffic wardens, it would solve a lot of our problems

Some of them also threw in subtle CPEC references in between


And then some 

Regardless of whatever is happening with regards to CPEC in the country, it is indeed commendable to see her help unblock a traffic jam; something most of us still have not been able to do. Lahore and Karachi experience traffic jams almost every other day, but how often have we seen our own citizens trying to actually get out of their cars and help unblock jams? So let’s just give credit where it is due and vow to be better citizens of our country and  appreciate people like this badass Aunty.

Cover Image Via: Taimoor Zaman/Twitter

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