13 Of The Silliest Jokes From Bachpan That Will Make You Cringe So Hard Now

By Ather Ahmed | 15 May, 2017

One of the best things about childhood was that no one expected you to cultivate an intelligent sense of humor. You could laugh at anything no matter how absurd or stupid without being judged by others. As an adult its like being constantly being monitored by the joke police. Even the slightest smirk at a fart joke could make you pariah in society. Jokes now have to fulfill a certain set of standards. It’s not about what makes you laugh on the inside for them but rather what either has a logical premise, contains a genitalia reference or both.

Having said that, here some of the supposedly ‘lame’ childhood jokes and insults which I wish adults would embrace again:


1. Jo kehta hai woh khud hota hai

bandwagon cricket fan sohai ali abro
Via: Tumblr

This was the most effective comeback, back in the day. I mean the structure is flawless. It literally translates to “What you say is what you are’ .There is absolutely no way one can counter this.


2. Teapot Teapot Teapot

Via: Tumblr

Say it multiple times in quick succession. I double dare you 😉


3. Yar dost hai poem

Yar dost hai
bili ka gosht hai

Choohay ka achar hai

bara mazedar hai


‘hey you are my friend,cat meat, pickeled rat and tasty’

These could very well be the lyrics by a psychedelic rock group from the 60s. I would’ve easily believed it if someone told me that it was an excerpt from the late Jim Morrison’s diary.

Source: Tenor


4. The Bolo TV childhood jokes

Bolo TV

Imran Khan kee biwi.

Now you have to understand the context here. This originated when Imran Khan was newly married to now ex bhabi-e-millat, Jemima Goldsmith. People simply didn’t knew what to make out of the situation. Hence this joke which shares the dynamics of a knock knock joke came into being.


5. The other Bolo joke

Bolo Pencil

Teri shaadi cancel.

Source: @mehvix / Twitter

I mean no one would appreciate his or her wedding to be cancelled out of the blue.


6. And yet another Bolo joke

Bolo PIA?

Thappar Khaye

Via: Tumblr

I think given the state of PIA these days this very much applies to the company’s management.


7. Damada mast qalandar poem is another one of the hilarious childhood jokes you’re sure to have told

Samosay pait kay ander
chawani jaib kay ander

woh dekho kala bandar

Via: Tumblr

I would love to see Abida Parveen do a rendition of this in the next season of Coke Studio.


8. Aik Pakistani, aik angrez aur aik Indian childhood jokes are also funny

Source: Hum Network Limited

Basically the Indian bechara was humiliated whenever these three were up to something.


9. Choonti hathi childhood jokes are aplenty

Source: Hum Network Limited

These still have the power to crack you up, tbh.


10. One of the childhood jokes is the story about a boy named Chaddi

I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone name his or her child Chaddi? It’s a debate for some other time.

Via Tumblr

The synopsis of this tale was that Chaddi climbed up the roof of his school and the Principal got furious. Out of anger the principal instructed everyone in school to pull Chaddi down. And guess what they did?


11. The doctor who can’t stop saying ‘MashAllah, InshAllah’

Now this one was really morbid. A doctor has this habit of saying ‘MashAllah’ and ‘InshAllah’. One day a patient comes to him and his like ‘ I have a headache” to which the doctor answers ‘MashAllah’. The patient then asks “would I die?”

Guess what the doctor answers?

Source: Oriental Films


12. Have you heard the childhood jokes about naan and the nihari?

Whats did the Nihari say to the naan while it was showering?

Any guesses?

Via: Tumblr

Ander nahi ana mein ‘Nihari’ hoon


13. Thank you very much

You are a magarmuch.

Source: Hanna Barbera


Do you know any other childhood jokes that made you laugh like crazy when you were young?


Cover image via: Mcclearn Hahnfeld / YouTube

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