Chief Justice Said Pakistani Judicial System Is “Best In The World” And People Can't Handle His Statement

By Noor | 16 Jan, 2019

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar is retiring tomorrow. Of course, in his last days he’s been on a mission to put in his last few words as the Chief Justice of Pakistan before he embarks on a journey of being a common civilian like the rest of. Interestingly, his latest speech has found a lot of attention… but for all the wrong reasons.


Basically, Saqib Nisar just stated that Pakistan has the best judicial system in the world

Interestingly, Earlier the Chief Justice of Pakistan admitted his failure to put his own house(judiciary) in order. And now, he claims that the judiciary in Pakistan is best in the world. Most probably he’s referring to his active participation in matters related to misgovernment. Here’s the news.


Well, the people of Pakistan didn’t really believe him and even asserted that the current CJP did nothing for the judicial system of Pakistan

Source: Express Tribune/Facebook


Some clearly said that this statement was contradictory to the reality and they were happy that he’s retiring soon

According to some reports there were more than 42,000 cases pending in the Supreme Court in November 2018.

Source; Express Tribune/Facebook


Source: Express Tribune/Facebook


They even said kay retirement tau ab banti hai

Source: Express Tribune/Facebook


Sarcasm was thrown around also

Source: Express Tribune/ Facebook


A few took it to a whole other level

Source: Express Tribune/Facebook


People came up with the personal examples of pending cases in a bid to refute Chief Justice’s remarks

Source: Express Tribune/Facebook


Basically, they kept on reiterating their point that CJP badly needs retirement

Source: Express Tribune/Facebook


So, what do you think about all this? and do you believe that the Pakistani judicial system is not flawed and can serve as an example to the rest of the world? How far do you agree with the CJP and do you really think that he needs retirement? Let us know everything in the comments below.


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