Chicken Curry Pancakes Are Now A Thing And It's Time To Leave This Dunya

By Kashaf | 4 Jan, 2018

So western-desi fusion food has been a thing for the past couple of years, with people creating some of the weirdest food combinations ever.

One such person, Kay of ‘Kays Good Cooking,’ channel on YouTube, has recently come out with “chicken curry pancakes”.

source: KAYS GOOD COOKING/ Youtube

Yes, you heard that right. Chicken. Curry. Pancakes.


….Is it just me or does that sound weirdly good?

I mean, think about it! Chicken? Yes. Curry? Yes. Pancakes? Yaaaaaaaaaas. In theory, it doesn’t sound THAT awful. But… together? In one plate? Ugh, who are we kidding?


The lady makes the “chicken curry” with 3 ingredients: water, some magical powder, and chicken.

Magical powder?…that is not okay.

source: KAYS GOOD COOKING/ Youtube

Although the idea was decent, the execution was very poor. The pancake was…well…no comment.

Does this look like a pancake to you?

Let me answer that question for you. No, no it does not.

We all love food here at MangoBaaz and we would never say anything against it, but, haye Allah. 

source: ‎Authentic Entertainment


How do you feel about the chicken curry pancake? Would you eat it?


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cover image source: KAYS GOOD COOKING/ Youtube

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