Renowned Pakistani Chef, Tahir Chaudhry Has Passed Away, Leaving People Absolutely Heartbroken

By Masooma Haider | 7 Oct, 2018

Pakistan lost one of its most esteemed culinary experts on Saturday, 9th October 2018. Chef Tahir Chaudhry had an old and deep association with the culinary industry, and was regarded as one of the nation’s top chefs.

He passed away after suffering from a cardiac arrest.

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His sudden demise terribly shocked and saddened everyone, especially those who were ardent followers of his show and those who are closely associated with the culinary industry.

He was seen participating in Masala TV’s 12th-anniversary celebration earlier on Saturday.

Last Video of Renowned MASALA TV Chef Tahir Chaudhary in the morning during Masla TV 12th Anniversary celebration before his death in the afternoon due to cardiac arrest.

Gepostet von Pak TV Dramas am Samstag, 6. Oktober 2018


He can be seen expressing his joy on the special occasion, while also sending everyone a message to be happy and keep enjoying food always. His simple message of peace, and request to keep ‘hanstay muskuratay’ to his fans, turned out to be his last media interaction with his followers.

Here’s a glimpse of him celebrating with his colleagues, earlier yesterday.

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Shockingly, within a span of a few hours, news broke that he is no more.

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He was known to share a great rapport with his fellow chefs, and was an integral part of the Masala team.

Chef Tahir Chaudhry was an internationally certified chef with years of experience, both locally and abroad.

He was famously known for cutting down the cost of ingredients and putting together dishes which would be affordable for the masses. His shows, ‘Cooking on a Budget’ and ‘Chaska Pakanay Ka’ on Masala TV had built a strong viewership over the years. He had also worked in Dubai, France, and Italy before settling in Pakistan and growing to fame.

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Source: Masala TV

Following his demise, his followers have expressed their deepest condolences through social media

People had great things to say about him

Watching him healthy and fit just a while ago was also shocking and upsetting for people

Some people were seen praying for him

While others were stunned by the unpredictability of life

People were generally upset and prayed for him to rest in peace

Pakistan surely lost a wonderful soul and professional. However, Chef Tahir’s work in the culinary industry will always be remembered and cherished. We pray for his family to face the loss with strength, and hope for his soul to be blessed and to rest in peace.

Share your thoughts and prayers for the departed soul with us in the comments section below.


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Cover image via Masala TV

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