These Celebrities Were Challenged To Give Up Their Phones For A Day And Here's What Happened

By MangoBaaz Studio | 3 Dec, 2018

Remember when these celebrities VOLUNTEERED to take the Innovative Digestive iDisconnect challenge?

And we all thought, kahin pagal tou nahin hogaye???


I mean, how can you possibly go on for HOURS without refreshing your timelines???

Hamein tou soch ker hee separation anxiety hogayi hai.

So, we come bearing updates: Turns out, the celebrities who took the Innovative Digestive iDisconnect challenge were taken to mad cool farmhouse where they got to spend time with their family and friends without the constant ringing of their phones. They did some fun activities, bonded over tea and Innovative Digestive biscuits and basically just went through a whole social media detox jo bohot zaruri hai tbh


There were horses!

Source: Innovative Digestive Biscuits

And a boating lake!

And how can you forget a good game of tug of war when you’re with friends? 

Also show off a little of your athletic side while you’re at it, hmm?

God, how can we forget about the charades??

Source: Innovative Digestive Biscuits

And a great game of Ludo! 

Source: Innovative Digestive Biscuits

Sounds like taking a day off from your phone doesn’t really seem like such a bad thought at all. I mean, look at these faces! 

Here’s what Ahsan Khan has to say about his experience:

And Ushna Shah:


Watch video for the full highlights:

Not bad, guys. Not bad.

In today’s day and age, it’s tremendously important that we take a day off and spend it taking care of ourselves and doing what we love the most with our friends and family – so hats off to Innovative Biscuits for daring to help us get out into the zone! The brand is encouraging real life experiences and helping us realize the real connections in life rather than spending days going through social media news feed, being swamped with work and even forgetting to cherish those little moments that matter the most.

What do you think about the Innovative Digestive iDisconnect challenge? Let us know in the comments!

This post has been sponsored by Innovative Biscuits.

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