These Were the Best Ways We All Celebrated Azaadi Growing Up in Pakistan

By MangoBaaz Studio | 14 Aug, 2017

Independence Day is here and we all know Pakistanis truly know how to celebrate azaadi, be it with florescent buildings or rooftops with moumbattiyan, the whole country is lit up. Just the thought of August 14th hits you with a massive bolt of good ol’ nostalgia.

With that being said, we thought we’d take you all on a walk down memory lane and list a few ways we all celebrated the spirit of jashn-e-azaadi in our childhood, #PakistanStyle – of course.


1. Getting excited at the sight of every food cart or bazaar stocking up on all green everything


The festivities went to a whole new level with every nook and corner of the roads along with every department store or bazaar being full of mini jhandis and what not.


2. Wearing cute little flag badges as the hottest new accessory

Source: Quora

Be it on uniforms in school, on casual clothes or over our suit jacket at work – this one never gets old and why should it?


…Also, wearing coordinated green and white outfits.

Green was declared the new black and this perfect occasion made for some really good photo album moments.

Some REALLY good moments

Source: Umar Gul

3. Listening to partition stories from your Dada and Dadi

Source: India Times

Stories of all the sacrifices our ancestors made, Quaid-e-azam’s vision and the struggles were the rage back then. The little patriots that we all were, our chests swelled up with pride every time.


4. Showing off with a private concert of milli naghmas and taranas

Source: MediaJunkie

A little bit of hamara parcham ~ yeh pyara parcham ~ yeh parchamo mein azeem parcham to a little bit of iss parcham ke saaye talay hum aik hein hum aik hein ~

You know what we’re talking about.


 5. Buying glorious swaying Pakistan ka jhandas 

On every block, there was this one house that won the unannounced competition of having the freakishly long flag mounted. And at one point or the other, that person was you.


 6. And lots and lots of jhandiyaan

Source: mosthdwallpapers

I mean, can you actually ever have enough?

7. Loading up on patakhay and phuljariyan

Source: 4to40

Our parents used to be worried sick but that never stopped us. There is never a celebration without our favorite kind of noise pollution. They started off the night before and pretty much kept going at it until the day drew to a close.

8. Cooking/baking with azaadi inspired themes

Source: desigrub

Either you were the cutting-the-cake kind or one of those who sneak in a crescent and a star but needless to say, there were a lot of azaadi delights.


9. Decorating your car

Source: Quora

Because she was your shehzadi after all.

Source: Quora

Or maybe something like this?

Source: Quora


10. And going out for a spin…

Source: Quora


11. Getting face painting

Source: Quora


12. Watching the independence day parade on TV

Source: Dailymail

The airshows were quite wonderful, weren’t they?


13. Marathoning Alpha Bravo Charlie

Source: Express Tribune

Either that or listening to Jawad Ahmad’s rahe na rahe yeh jeevan kabhi bani yeh rahe dosti all day long. Ah, well. I guess somethings never change.



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