Pakistanis Just Upped Their Troll Game With This New Collection Of “Calibri” T-Shirts

By Hurmat Riaz | 16 Jul, 2017

So we all know by now how the last week turned out for Nawaz family when everything came crashing down because of a font.

Kyunkay aik font ki ehmiyat tum kya jano, duniya walo!

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

As JIT announced their remarks on the Panama Gate Case, memes started pouring in from all around the internet kyun ke hamain tou mouqa chahye hota hai!

Source: Taimur Rehman / Facebook

And since trolling runs in our blood, a Pakistani clothing brand has come out with these Calibri T-shirts to commemorate this legen-wait-for-it-dary moment.

Source: Fifth Avenue Clothing / Facebook



Source: Hum TV Network / Tumblr

These T shirts are just like your regular ones but they’ll remind you of the Calibri-gate drama in the years to come!

Source: Fifth Avenue Clothing / Facebook

Est. since 2007 and trolling till eternity!

Obviously people are SO down to wear them!

Source: Fifth Avenue Clothing / Facebook

They are tagging their friends to buy it together and #twinning!

Source: Fifth Avenue Clothing / Facebook

And the puns will not stop!

Source: Fifth Avenue Clothing / Facebook



We know who’d love this THE MOST 😉

Source: Fifth Avenue Clothing / Facebook



Pakistanis, you’re WAYYYYYYYY too precious.

Via: Tumblr

Love you.

To get your hands on some calibri tees, head over to the Fifth Avenue  and get on the trolling bandwagon!


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