This Pakistani Girl Made A “Birthday Contract” For Her Parents And Just, LEGEND

By Arslan Athar | 16 Jul, 2017

Your birthday is the best day EVER!  Everyone showers you with love (and more importantly, gifts). Sometimes however, you don’t get the gift you asked for and you’re left kind of disappointed.

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Determined to save her birthday from such gham, a Pakistani girl decided to draw up a ‘legally binding’ contract for her parents to sign. 

She’s made it clear that there is no backing out. 

Reminding her parents of their obligations like a pro

Source: @ZainTaufique // Twitter

She’s making sure all her bases are covered with making them sign for a SECOND time 

As you can see, it seems like Uncle Jee has tampered with the contract. We see you and we won’t let this injustice go

Source: @ZainTaufique // Twitter

And lastly, she ends the contract with strong emotional blackmailing 

Source: @ZainTaufique // Twitter

People on twitter were making career choices for the birthday girl to-be

And some noticed the ‘tampering’ by Boss AF daddy:

People also noticed how Amma Jee was completely ghayab from the scene

And the rest appreciated how well-written it was. 10/10

It doesn’t matter how old you are; if you’re birthday is coming up, draw up a legally binding contract and get the gifts you all want.

As for the birthday girl in this case, here’s hoping she gets whatever she wants because she clearly deserves it. Humein pehle kyu nahin aye aisay ideas? 

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