Bushra Maneka Is Being Ridiculed Because She Chooses To Cover Up And This Is Absolutely Insane

By Sajeer Shaikh | 19 Feb, 2018

In what can only be termed a (not so) surprising turn of events, Imran Khan got married yesterday

Source: @PTIOfficial/Twitter


While rumors about him and Bushra Maneka had been afloat for a while, he shut it all down by making things official. 

Source: @PTIOfficial/Twitter

Unfortunately, Bushra Maneka ended up becoming the subject of ridicule in the process. While many jokes and memes started circulating, some people started crossing lines as far as the light-hearted humor was concerned. One such example was when IK’s wife was ridiculed for her modesty.


This tweet is being shared by A LOT of people

It was also shared without any comment by Talat Hussain which contained a screenshot of a picture from Instagram.

Have a closer look:

Via Instagram/@umairhmirza

The caption states: 

“It all started with a hat, then came dupatta and now it’s a total wrap!”

It refers to Imran Khan’s ex-wives, Jemima Khan and Reham Khan, alongside his current wife, Bushra Maneka. Now, we all know that Bushra Maneka’s choice of apparel is often discussed when Imran Khan’s marriage is brought up. However, we tend to forget that her choosing to be modest is a brave decision – one that should not come under fire or be made fun of.


People on Twitter were of the same mindset. They were furious over the picture and caption…

…and went on to defend IK and his wife.

Some people were even disappointed that Talat Hussain shared the tweet, to begin with.

Others asked him to show more professionalism.


Unfortunately, those who chose to defend Talat Hussain’s tweet did so at the expense of other women.

Yes, Imran Khan leads a very public life. His marriages become instant news. However, the women in his life do not owe us any explanations or justifications for their choices.

Whether it’s someone as gracefully modern as the beautiful Jemima, or someone as poised as the dignified Bushra Maneka – we can’t pit them against one another, especially on the basis of their clothing. Moreover, we can’t ridicule them for their clothing choices at all. At the end of the day, this is a lesson for us to be more respectful.

What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments.


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