Here's Every Disgusting Thing Pakistanis Have Said About Bushra Maneka's Character Since Imran Khan's Proposal

By Alveena Jadoon | 8 Jan, 2018

The news of Imran Khan’s proposal to his spiritual healer, Bushra Maneka, has caused a social media frenzy.



People even forgot the infamous Trump tweet threatening to cut aid to Pakistan


Naturally, people were eager to know everything about the lady and media outlets were quick to grab this opportunity

We have many mainstream media outlets churning out stories about Bushra Maneka and many of them just include baseless accusations, trying to paint her as a woman of a loose character.

Some are even dragging the other Maneka sister into the mess


The irony is that an old clipping of PTI’s spokesperson, Fawad Chaudhry, was also found talking about the matter


This Twitter user even went ahead to ask Jemima to not think of remarrying because Khan now has a new “religious sweetheart”

Here’s another

But what was even more problematic was this


Her son had to address the rumours of her marriage to Khan


When that did not stop people and they accused her of leaving her husband for Khan, her ex-husband had to threaten to take legal action against those spreading false news


What people do not realize while commenting on the news and tweeting about it is how all of this effects the personal life of the lady

Bushra Maneka is not a media personality. Her life has been very private up until now. The claims of her relationship and secret marriage to Khan paint a very bad picture of her, as per the society’s standards. The blatant accusations her of leaving her ex-husband for Khan, is a very big statement and has consequences.

Mainstream media outlets need to respect the boundary between private and public life and maintain the difference. In their attempt to sensationalize the news, the end up endangering many lives. It is about time they are held responsible for it.

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