A Pakistani's Guide To The Drama That Unfolded At Buckingham Palace In UK, This Morning

By Ather Ahmed | 4 May, 2017

Late last night the Buckingham Palace suddenly called for a secret meeting among all the royal staff. This meant every servant of the Royal family in every corner of the UK. Naturally, this got everyone in England very, very suspicious. It appeared that something fishy was taking place at the Royal Buckingham Palace and the internet has since been tearing up with conspiracy theories.

While such types of meetings have happened in the past, it is being said by major news outlets that the way this one has been  called on all of a sudden is strange and perhaps may even be cause for alarm.

Lets see what our gora brethren is making out of this situation


The angraiz were super anxious and they were looking for answers


Hope The Grand Tour isn’t cancelled

There were the Harry Potter references


At one point, people were legit scared shitless

Did you really expect that Trump would be spared?


On a serious note, rumors were also circulating that a major member of the Royal Family has passed away

According to Royal Protocol major events relating to the Royal Family like a members death are made at 8 AM (Pakistani 12 PM)


But then 8 AM came and nothing was happening


And the everyone just kinda sorta started moving on from the drama


But then The Royal Family’s official Twitter account made this announcement

The Royal Family announced that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and 95 year old husband to Queen Elizabeth was retiring from public life in August.

The statement said that after completing his pre-scheduled duties in August Prince Philip will “not be accepting new invitations for visits and engagements, although he may still choose to attend certain public events from time to time”.


And it all became clearer what the whole story was


Some people didn’t stop being brutal


And the smartass of the day award goes to **drum roll**



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