18 Reasons Why Margalla Hills Put Islamabad Head And Shoulders Above Every Other City

By Hurmat Riaz | 3 May, 2017

Islamabad gets a lot of attention for its peace, quiet and serenity which is obviously because of the Margalla hills surrounding the city. There are several tracks in the hills which end up at Damn-e-Koh, Monal or Peer Sohawa. Exploring these hills make you fall in love more with city as they serve an escape from the busy life down there.


1. It sounds so cliche but they’re seriously very peaceful

Whenever life gets hard to handle, take up one of the tracks and clear your head out. *inner peace*


2. They offer an abundance of adventures if you’re an explorer

There are several unexplored treks which connect with the main hiking trails and you always end up finding a place that will leave you in awe and teary eyed over nature.


3. There are views like this

There are several points having majestic views of the city as well as the dense forest all over the hills.

Sunrise #Margalla #Islamabad

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4. And this

Seeing the iconic Faisal Mosque from the Margalla Hills is such a beautiful experience.

Faisal Masjid as seen from Margalla Hills. The sunset was absolutely stunning that day.?#faisalmasjid #throwback #islamabad #margalla

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5. Streams and jharnay untouched by humans are found in abundance in the hills

This is the best part about Margalla hills. You never know where you come across streams and they are in full bloom during July and August when the monsoon starts.


6. You get to view the whole capital from the hills

There are specific spots which give a full view of Islamabad and if you start your hike during afternoon, you’ll get to witness the most mesmerizing sunset ever.

Rawal Lake from Margalla Hills at Dawn! #TrulyPakistan #Pakistan #Hills #Margalla #Islamabad

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7. And there are hidden treasures that await every turn

This is something which you’ll find accidentally because you’ll never know which hill has valley on its other side but when you find it, you’ll want a house there right away.


8. The hills offer the perfect getaway from the city life without actually leaving the city

Socializing is hard. Keeping up with people is hard. Get yourself a time out in the hills. You deserve this.

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9. Go there for self-reflection

Mountains and trees give the most appropriate environment and aura to think about yourself and your life. This will also help you in finding extra ordinary from the ordinary.


10. Or to explore your adventurous side with the camp site on Trail 6

There is an untouched and unexplored clearing way up on trail 6. If you’re afraid of camping, you can have a nice BBQ during daytime.

#wild #sky #hiking #clouds #awesomeday #wildlife

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11. To watch birds in all their natural glory

If you’re a bird lover, Margalla hills are home to several bird species including rose-ringed parakeet and Himalayan bulbul.

For bird watchers

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12. Or just to marvel at the majesty and beauty that are the Margalla hills

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13. Whatever time of day you visit

Night view of Islamabad from Margalla Hills #Margalla #Hills #Islamabad #Pakistan #iphonediary

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14. These hills are a sight to behold

15. It’s like they’re part of a storybook world

16. Can you even believe it?

For it cannot decay ? . . . #margallahills #autumn #vscocam #serenity

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17. They’re just SO gorgeous

#cloudsontheground #clouds #margallahills #beautifulislamabad❤️ #isloo #isloogramers

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18. And if your hike ends at this place, you can stuff yourself up for your journey back down to your life

A couple of tracks end up right at Monal so you can enjoy a hearty meal and the fairy lights kinda view of the city.

Lightening bugs.

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So, pick a water bottle, some snacks and some cash because that’s all what you need to go for a hike on Margalla Hills.


Cover image via: Rabia’s Photography

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