The Ultimate Guide To Budget Friendly And Outdoor Barbecue Places In Lahore

By Sinwan Zahid | 25 Feb, 2018

Agreed that almost every restaurant in Lahore serves good barbecue but we’re here to tell you only the best. Given that it’s spring and the nights are windy, we need us some barbecue which isn’t only the best but also easy on the pocket. Here are some of our picks for delicious, yum barbecue places in Lahore!


Baba Jamal Din Tikka Shop, Behind Mall of Lahore

Located in Cantt, people swear by this place. We hear their beef tikkas are to die for.

Source: sulemanaasif/Instagram

Fresh Tikka Shop, Main Market

Many people residing and working in Gulberg say they go to Fresh Tikka Shop in Main Market to unwind and do some pait pooja.


Akram Tikka Shop, Gurumangat Road

Akram Tikka ke tikkay tou hain he achay, lekin kebab LAZEEZ. Should’ve been Akram Kebab Shop!

Dervish -The Food Souq, Burki Road

With a beautiful outdoor setting on Burki Road, Dervish doesn’t come slow. It’s ideal for when you wanna take your special friend for equally tasty food but in a more fancy setting. 😉

Source: Dervish the food souk – Facebook

Sultani, Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road, Gulberg

Sultani has beyond amazing kebab handi, you will not stop eating, my friend. We also hear there are fewer chances of food poisoning from here. Balle balle? 😀

Source: Uzair Mehmood Pasha/Facebook

Pyaara Chargha, Temple Road

Pyaara Chargha is a favorite among Lahoris and often referred to as PC :p They have the usual bbq dishes but did you know they serve out-of-this-world malai botis and cheese botis? Salivating.

Source: Shahid Mehmood/Facebook

Shaffi Tikka, Saddar Bazaar

The infamous Saddar ke khoyay walay beef kebab and beef botis. Immediate chakkka, strikes everyone else out of the field! Honestly though, these kebabs and tikkas just melt right into your mouth.

Source: Tahir Ayub Sheikh/Facebook

Bhatti Tikka House, opp. Chashni, Jail Road

Bhatti Tikka is known and loved by many Lahoris, especially their mazedar chicken tikka and botis! Btw, if you can recognize this guy, Gulabo Khan, he’s back at Bhatti Tikka!

Source: Bhatti Tikka House/Facebook

Heera Chargha, Temple Road

Heera Chargha’s pulao chargha and malai boti are the best things to ever happen to food. Try it, you’ll know what we mean.

Source: Muhammad Faisal Uppal/Facebook

Bhaiyya Kabab and Tikka Shop, D Block Model Town

Their beef kebabs and tikkas paired with a paratha are delish.

Source: Amir A. Khan/Facebook

Zikar Tikka, Main Market

Don’t confuse Zikar Tikka with Zakir Tikka, both may have almost similar names but their taste and quality are classes apart. Zikar Tikka with its rooftop views and delectable barbecue takes the trophy by a big margin.

Are any one of these your favorite barbecue places in Lahore? Let us know in the comments.


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