17 Everyday Struggles Literally Every Pakistani Who Has Ever Lived In The UK Can Relate To

By Iman Zia | 25 Feb, 2017

It’s not all tea and biscuits for British Born Confused Desis or BBCDs as your Pakistani cousins call you. As British Pakistanis you’ve had to deal with your own stereotypes separate from your Pakistani bhaiyyas and behenein.

Here are 17 things every British Pakistani can relate to.


1. Your ammas and abbas will spend a lot of time reclined on sofas talking about Pakistan when they were younger before they migrated

Source: Yash Raj Films


2. Your Urdu isn’t the best, kasmay bruv but you’ve established your own jargon

Source: zayn / YouTube


3. Airports turn into what feels like a shaadi when you visit the motherland

Source: ZaidAliT / YouTube


4. The elders for the life of you just cannot adapt to anything out of your own culture

Source: Bend It Films


5. Brexit made you actually want to migrate back to the motherland

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


6. You’ll get called Paki almost every other day… and not only by the offensive goras

Via Giphy


7. You have mixed feelings about your elders having tea in the saucers

Source: BBC


8. If you’re a girl you’ve been told that you can’t wear that Topshop skirt you just bought, out of the house

You may as well as wear baggy tracksuits underneath. Literally.

Source: bollypop.in


9. Imran Khan visiting the UK is more exciting than The Queen’s Jubilee

Source: torontosun.com


10. Packing for a trip to Pakistan is like packing like you’re actually moving country

Via Tumblr


11. You spend more time at chicken chip shops than at home

Via Giphy


12. Sunrise Radio

Source: JusReign / YouTube


13. You’ve dodge literally every newsagent trying to make conversation with you because they’re Pakistani too

Source: BBC


14. White people just don’t know what to call you

Via Youtube


15. Your parents make you say salam to literally everyone who calls from Pakistan

Even when you barely know them.

Source: UTV Motion Pictures


16. You’ve been called freshie one too many times

Via Giphy


17. You live in communities, in the UK, where everyone knows everyone

Southall, Tooting and Ilford are just some of the closely knit tribes you’re a part of.

Source: BBC


Despite whatever you know you’d never exchange your life for anything else because your British-Paki life is good life, innit?


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Cover image via: samaa.tv

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