These Are The Most Devastating Break Ups That Ever Happened In Pakistani Dramas

By Sarah Babar | 14 Apr, 2018

While we have gotten so much from Pakistani dramas, like love and passion, lessons on family and marriage, and of course, some of the best pick up lines we have ever heard. But we have also gotten sadness and heartbreak. This time around, we’re not going to be talking about love, we are taking a deeper look into some of the most heartbreaking break ups from Pakistani dramas. So here they are, all the times Pakistani dramas have broken our hearts beyond repair


Khirad and Asher in “Humsafar”

While the way that the Sara and Asher equation ended on the show was extremely sad, with Sara being hopelessly in love with Asher but him never having taken her in that sense, the break up that we are focusing on is that of Asher and Khirad’s. Khirad had a whole army of people out to get her and make her life miserable. A woman who has practically lost everything and, with a lot of effort, allowed herself to get attached to the only good thing going on in her life: Asher. We see Farida Aunty and Co. malign Khirad in front of Asher by tricking both of them and creating one giant messed up situation that resulted in Asher never wanting to see Khirad’s face again, Farida Aunty kicking Khirad out of the house, and in turn, ruining three lives in the process: Khirad, Asher and their unborn child. The sheer hatred that she spewed in Asher’s heart against Khirad stretched onto a span of years.




Kashaf and Zarun in “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”

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With “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” we saw three break ups. Asmara and Zarun, Sara and Fahad and Kashaf and Zarun, towards the end of the show. And that was especially ugly because there was no external factor acting on the couple at this point. Zarun was at fault, he was the one going behind Kashaf’s back and talking to his ex-fiance and completely hiding it from Kashaf. And of course, Kashaf stormed out of the house after she found out about what Zarun was up to. She refused to go back to him for the longest time and, honestly, rightfully so. But then, as the audience, we were in a pickle because on one hand, you feel bad for Zarun because he was broken, but he was also kinda being an ass to Kashaf by not calling her back, and on the other hand, you knew that everything that Kashaf was doing was also completely justified.




Arsala and Atif in “Khamoshi”

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Arsala and Atif were destined to be together, they were hopelessly in love with each other, and were ready to fight the whole world to be together. But of course, Arsala’s father is highly against the two getting together, Arsala is shipped off to Karachi to provide for the whole family and while she’s away, her sister Naima, is in the process of wrecking havoc in her relationship with Atif. While Atif has all sorts of misconceptions about Arsala’s source of income in Karachi, Arsala has pretty much had enough of all the toxicity that his heart is filled with.




Behroze and Arjumand in “Diyar E Dil”

This break up is from the older generation in the family. This is about the time when Behroze Bakhtiar Khan broke off his bachpan ki mangni with his uncle’s daughter, Arjumand, because he was in love with Roohi, back in Lahore and had promised her that he will marry her. Things go south, instantly, as Behroze breaks the news to his uncle and then takes a stand against his father. He was betrothed to Arjumand at birth and their marriage was destined to happen. This was also one of Agha Jaan, his father’s, orders that he went against. He ended up getting disowned by the father and taken out of the will. The biggest brunt to bear was Arjumand’s however. She had pictured her entire life with Behroze and in the blink of an eye, it was all gone. She couldn’t keep her wits about herself. She was a hysterical mess, especially when it was decided




Mannu and Salahuddin in “Mann Mayal”

Okay so hands down, the lead protagonists in “Mann Mayal” have got to be some of the dumbest we have come across in the Pakistani drama industry. On one side we had Manahil, also known as Mannu, was a childish, impulsive person stuck  in an adult’s body. And Salahuddin was just stubborn, wasn’t he? Refusing to ask for Mannu’s hand in marriage because he thought he wasn’t financially able to ask for it. And of course, without a second thought, he broke off everything they had and convinced her parents that the abusive Mikael was the best fit for her.




Faryal and Asfandyar in “Yakeen Ka Safar”

This one’s about how Faryal broke her fiance, Asfandyar’s, heart because the false allegations against his brother, Daniyal, had made it to the news and apparently brought shame to the family. She was not there for the man who loved her to bits, during the time that he needed her the most. The time where he needed someone to rely on for emotional stability. While she came back and asked for redemption, she had completely changed the chirpy, happy-go-lucky man that Asfi into the serious Dr Asfandyar.




Shanno and Khalil in “Sadqey Tumhaare”


Probably one of the most heartbreaking break ups of television in Pakistan dramas. Brought together by destiny but torn apart by Shanno’s parents, Khalil and Shanno share a special kind of bond. As we have seen with past dramas, the two were promised to each other in their childhood. While Shanno is a hopeless romantic, Khalil is broody and treated like royalty by those around him. Shanno has been dreaming of being with Khalil for years but it is only after he sees her in a dream does he set out to meet her. While the two instantly fall in love at first sight, Shanno’s parents go against their word and decide to end their engagement. So Khalil and Shanno plan on eloping, however, the two are not successful and are tormented and don’t end up together.




We apologize for the heartbreak that this piece caused. Which of these was the most heart wrenching for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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