This Brave Pilot Just Saved A Flight From A Dangerous Thunderstorm And People Can't Stop Appreciating Him

By Kashaf | 20 Nov, 2017

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is known for all the wrong things, from it’s inadequate service to the stale food served on flights – it’s less than reputable. In the past couple of months, the airline has left behind coffins and landed midway asking passengers to take a bus.


Pakistan’s national carrier has promised to bring positive changes to their airline and they’re already showing the results

Like this brave pilot who brought his flight back to safety from a dangerous thunderstorm

On November 15th, a heroic PIA pilot, Amjed Mehboob safely got all his passengers home despite a major thunderstorm. Flight PK 536, going from Karachi to Sukkur, faced aggressive turbulence due to a dangerous thunderstorm in the Sukkur region.

source: Muhammad Enam Ur Rehman / Facebook


One of the passengers on the frightening flight, Muhammad Enam Ur Rehman, posted the following message, thanking the brave pilot

source: Muhammad Enam Ur Rehman / Facebook

A video was also shared by the same passenger showing passengers thanking the brave pilot for his presence of mind and bravery over the decision to land the flight back to Karachi


It’s refreshing to see the professionalism the pilot reflected during a tense and dangerous situation.


Kudos to the entire team on Flight PK 536 and especially to Captain Amjed Mehboob.


cover image via: Muhammad Enam Ur Rehman

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