13 Desi Chinese Restaurants In Karachi That Serve The Best Chicken Manchurian

By Saad Zubair | 20 Nov, 2017

Chicken Manchurian has been a favorite for years any time you venture out for Chinese food with your family. This dish, served on sizzler or otherwise, is absolutely delicious. It’s chicken, vegetables and gravy that has enough spices to be termed as desi  with the classic Chinese taste aka desi Chinese.

The following list is bound to make you crave for some awesome Chicken Manchurian, mind you.  You can have it with fried rice or noodles although I prefer the former. Without further ado, check out our favorite places to get Chicken Manchurian from:


Yuan Tung

Tariq Road is home to several amazing Chinese restaurants. Yuan Tung is one restaurant that has been around for decades and the quality has remained more or less the same. It is one of the pioneers of Chicken Manchurian in the area and it’s where you should head first to get a taste of history while filling yourself up.

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Little China

Right across Yuan Tung is Little China. Like the latter, it also is known for desi Chinese cuisine and a hot favorite is Chicken Manchurian. One should give Little China a try and see how it sizes up against its famous neighbor.

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Imperial Court

Imperial Court on Tariq Road was established almost 20 years ago and has now made its name in desi Chinese cuisine. Like the heavyweight Yuan Tung, it’s Chicken Manchurian dish packs quite a punch.

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Jade Garden

Like Tariq Road, Clifton in Karachi is also known for the multitude of Chinese restaurants that are mostly considered desi Chinese. Jade Garden is one such place. Having been there recently, it’s an amazing place to visit with friends or family. The service and food quality is amazing and the best dish on the menu needs no introduction- Chicken Manchurian!

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China Town

China Town is situated in the same area as Jade Garden and has been a family favorite for decades. The place has so much history. I’ve spent most of my childhood years eating delicious Chicken Manchurian there with family. Going back there always brings back memories.

Source: supermeal.pk


Ginsoy Extreme Chinese

Ginsou Extreme Chinese burst on to the Chinese restaurants scene in January 2012 and has been a hot destination for foodies since then. It’s always hard to get a table on walk-ins so reservations are absolutely necessary. One of its best dishes is the Chicken Manchurian and perhaps that’s one reason why you can’t get a table on even a regular day.

Source: khaanapeena.wordpress.com



Kowloon is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Karachi and perhaps not as well known as Yuan Tung and China Town. The place takes you back to the 80s and 90s  as the decor is similar to most restaurants that became famous then. The Chicken Manchurian is one dish you need to try should you wish to take a trip back in time!

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La Chine By Kababjees

La Chine by Kababjees is the new kid on the block trying to make its name in the crowded Chinese restaurant market. It serves one of the best Chicken Manchurian that you can have on the other side of the bridge. Located in Tariq Road, its worth trying even for that one dish alone.

via: La Chine By Kababjees/ Facebook


Ming Court

Ming Court in Defence Khadda Market takes inspiration from the Ming Dynasty as can be seen on its menu cards. This place has been a personal favorite of mine for years and the Chicken Manchurian tastes as good as the first time I had it.

via: Ming Court/ Facebook


Tai Pan

Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi is home to one of the best Chinese restaurants in the country. It’s a pricey restaurant but don’t let that stop you. The Chicken Manchurian gives several old school desi Chinese restaurants a good run for their money.

via: Pearl Continental Karachi/ Facebook


Suzie Wong

Suzie Wong is one place I have visited for over 20 years. Located in Marriot which used to be the Holiday Inn back in the day, this Chinese restaurant has been known for its rotating tables. Other than that, it’s the Chicken Manchurian that you should definitely try on your first visit.

Source: cleartrip.com



Dynasty at Avari Towers has been my family’s go-to place for birthdays, anniversaries and any celebration for as  long as I can remember. It’s gone through some face-lifts over the years but the food quality has been maintained to perfection. Chicken Manchurian at Dyanasty until today is perhaps the best one I’ve ever had in my life.

via: Dynasty Avari/ Facebook


Chairman Mao

Chairman Mao made its name in delivery and it’s perhaps the most popular of its kind in Karachi. Chicken Manchurian is a must-have delivered to your home or office. The quality is on par with several other awesome places on this list. If you haven’t tried it yet, you won’t regret having it!

via: Chairman Mao/ Facebook


Cover image via: Saad Zubair

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