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This Brave Girl In Karachi Just Taught Her Mobile Phone Snatchers Not To Mess With Strong Women

This Brave Girl In Karachi Just Taught Her Mobile Phone Snatchers Not To Mess With Strong Women

Phone snatchers are a nuisance but if you’re from Karachi you have run into them one too many times, probably. Because of this you might have even come up with your own hacks to try and save your phone from getting snatched. While some of you carry a less expensive phone out in the public, others, who can afford it, take extreme measures like traveling with security.


This girl from Karachi just taught her mobile phone snatchers not to mess with a strong woman

Source: Mariam Nadir

Meet Mariam Nadir. She’s Manager Communications at Orbit Advertising and Event Management in Karachi. She recently had a run in with some irritating mobile snatchers who tried to scare her and steal her mobile phone but she instead taught them a lesson they’re sure to never forget all their lives.


Mariam suffered through the terrible incident in Gulshan-e-Hadeed neighborhood where she had been staying over at her grandparents’ home

She spoke to MangoBaaz and shared the ordeal, “I’m not a resident of the area, I was visiting my grandparents and it was around 10:15pm at night when I was coming back from some where and parking my car outside my grandpa’s home when they both they stopped their bike in front of my car and and a guy jumped off the bike and showed me the gun to get the phone and I just gave it to him but I didn’t cut the call so that the incident could be recorded of how they tried to snatch my phone”.


Her presence of mind in such a situation is definitely admirable.


After her phone was taken away from her, she followed the snatchers’ bike

“I slowly followed them showing as if I am going on my way and as he put the gun back I speeded up the car and hit them and kept driving until their bike completely crushed under my car,” shared Mariam.

Source: Mariam Nadir

“After getting crushed somehow one guy ran away with my phone but he dropped his gun and the other guy was sitting there on the road. I jumped out of my car and shouted to the people in general to catch the other guy while I started to beat the one on the road. Some people started beating the snatcher on the road and few went behind the other guy and caught him from a park,” she shared.


Mariam recovered her phone and handed the snatchers over to the police

“We didn’t only recover my phone but other phones too which later police took into their custody as they reached,” explained Mariam.

When Mariam shared the incident on Facebook, people couldn’t stop appreciating her bravery in confronting her phone snatchers. Here’s Mariam’s original post:

Do you know somebody who’s showed bravery in times of adversity? Share their powerful story with us and we will highlight those brave souls.


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