Boxer Amir Khan’s Autocorrect Problem Is Getting Out Of Hand And It’s Hard To Watch

By Rameeza Ahmad | 20 Jul, 2018

You probably know Amir Khan, he’s a British boxer of Pakistani origin.


And you also probably know about his infamous Snapchat. Khan has had some very public fights with his wife via the app.

Source: MangoBaaz


And his Snapchat is under scrutiny once again. But this time for a completely different reason.

Amir Khan has never pretended to be a scholar but the spelling mistakes he makes on his Snaps are pretty funny. And a lot of people are talking about it.


Somebody, please tell him about autocorrect!

And honestly, his spellings aren’t even the biggest problem in all of this. In his picture with Caitlyn Jenner, he refers to her as’ Bruce Jenner’, which was her name before she came out as a trans woman.

And honestly, not cool Amir.

Source: Bravo

And some other people felt the same way.

Referring to a trans person by a name they no longer use is not only disrespectful but insensitive. The gender dysmorphia they already might face with trying to align their gender with their sex might flare up because of such indiscretions.

Using the name a trans person uses for themselves and the correct pronouns is not only the least we can do but also comes under basic human decency.

So we don’t know if Amir was trying to be funny or made a genuine mistake; either way. Not very cool.

Amir Khan Just Released A Statement About Him Cheating On Faryal With A Beautician

Amir Tagged The Wrong Faryal On Their Anniversary Post And FFS Do YOU EVEN KNOW YOUR WIFE AT ALL?

Cover Image Source: king khan via Snapchat

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