Bobby Deol Is Being Added In Unusual Places And It's HILARIOUS

By Umme Hani | 19 Feb, 2021

This Twitter account posts Bobby Deol in the most iconic scenes. From Friends to Fifty Shades, Bobby har jaga milega!

Bobby Deol, the 90’s heartthrob, has aged like fine wine and has a fan following that many people are unaware of. He wows women with his killer looks and has also risen to popularity amongst meme lords in recent times as well. This Twitter account, appropriately called ‘Bobbywood,’ morphs the celebrated actor into our favorite scenes from our favorite movies and tv shows! It’s more like a portfolio that the actor probably never wanted…but is amazing anyway!

1. Sorry Fawad, but Bobby does it better!


“Working with Bobby Deol is a dream come true.” – Mahira Khan (probably)

2. Bobby Deol has sensual sensational eyes and I refuse to believe otherwise

Someone, please check if Taher Shah is okay!

3. Bobby Rider



Henry Cavill ko katao…

5. DJ Bobby!

Duniya haseeno ka mela, melay mein ye dil akela!

6. Aye Aye, Captain Bobby!


7. Bye-bye, Jamie Dornan! Hello, Bobby Deol

The casting we all would have preferred.

8. Bobby’s appearance in Avengers is a treat for the eyes!


9. Ahem! Not a very good time to appear with Rihanna though.

The Indian government might disown him after seeing this!

10. I can imagine Bobby Deol yelling, “What do you want?!”

Bobby is exactly where he should be!

 11. The only pawri I wanna be at is a Bobbywood pawri

Paw-paw-paw-pawwriii hori hai!

12. Bobby Deol now starring in Shutter Island!

Wow, these are getting better and better!

13. Bobby Cat!

Why should you stop on Mars, when you can reach the galaxy’s coolest moon?

14. Ryan Gosling who?

B”We have undeniable chemistry” – Emma Stone (again, probably)

15. I mean…

That golden underwear tho!

16. LOL, the famous ‘Star Wars’ movie also saw the Bobby Deol twist!


17. Now you’re just some Bobby that I used to know

I would never want to watch this episode again. Never!

18. Bobby Deol as Aquaman? I see it

The question is – can I unsee this?

19. Congratulations, Bob! Well-deserved!

Award tou banta hai!

20. Bobby dulhaniya lejayeinge

21. I remember him in this song. Yes. Makes sense

22. I don’t need 365 days to fall in love with him

We’re having a field day with this and could go on forever. ‘Bobbywood’ on Twitter is providing the much-needed hilarity during such times! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know!


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Cover image via Bobbywood_/Twitter

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