Singer Bilal Khan Actually Dyed His Hair For The Dam Fund After His Friend Dared Him To & People Love Him For It

By Sannia Bilal | 18 Dec, 2018

So recently, Bilal Khan bleached his hair to raise money for the dam fund.

Yup! I was pretty confused too when I saw the post supporting the hashtag #DamFundDare. Also, his “New-Year-New-Me” post came a bit early, but I’m not complaining.


Apparently it was all a dare


First of all, just to give context, this is what he looked like before


The singer explained that one of his Canadian friends dared him to go blonde for $2000 which would go straight to the dam fund.

Honestly, that’s pretty awesome. And he’s totally rocking the look too, right? Khair, he unveiled the look in a super mysterious way, recounting how he informed his friend about the water shortage in Pakistan and how there’s an entire system of donations underway to address the same issue.

Anyhoo, while his friend seemed super disinterested, Bilal made an offer that he’d so anything if his friend donated money for the dam fund. And his friend kinda agreed…after some negotiation.

Here’s the entire video:


So yeah, as soon as he shared his new look on Instagram, in which he’s kinda channeling the whole new Zayn Malik look too, his fans went nuts.

While most of the people loved his look…

Source: Instagram


…some said that it was really brave of him to accept the dare for a noble cause.

Source: YouTube

It was actually comments like these that caught his attention.

Source: Youtube


Consequently, the ‘Bachana’ singer uploaded another post on his Instagram that was kinda uplifting.

In his post, he said that most of the comments he’s had to hear are that he’s taken a brave step to alter his look like this which wasn’t a shock for him because coming from a society where ‘log kya kahenge’ is what our lives depend on, people are bound to think a million times before changing their look.

Bilal further stated that important decisions shouldn’t be made out of the fear of society. He said that if he would’ve cared about what people think, he wouldn’t have been a musician today. In the end, he encouraged people to change the notion of ‘log kya kahenge’ to ‘log kehtay rahenge’ for the coming year.

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I never like writing preachy instagram posts but I have to write this one because I feel it might help someone. I was replying to comments on my last insta post and some people said, ‘you are so brave’ or ‘I could never do that even though I always wanted to’ and it made me think why? I think it’s the “log kia kahein ge?” fear and it is a genuine one especially in a culture where we are so dependent on each other for support & feedback. How do you overcome it though? By accepting that not everyone is going to like what you do, no matter what. This isn’t just about hair dyes or color changes: I feel you shouldn’t make career/university/diet/clothing or any other personal choices out of fear. I know if I did I wouldn’t be a musician today. I propose that for 2019, you shatter “log kia kahein ge” fear and make the new year more about “log kehtay rahein gey”. Maybe that’ll do it. Maybe. #bilalkhan

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This one had crazy responses from Pakistanis. They were evidently having a meltdown.

Some were literally brought to tears by the guy.

Source: Instagram


This girl, who hasn’t been familiar with Bilal Khan’s work, said that she was inspired by him beyond belief.

Source: Instagram


Then there were those who said his courage was worth appreciating.

Source: Instagram


Then it came down to the discussion that women have had to live their lives according to people around them and that’s not cool.

Source: Instagram,


And this person said that his caption is everything our generation needs but is ignorant enough to not take it seriously.

Source: Instagram

Khair, I personally LOVE the look! Its quite confusing how he’s managing to pull it off so perfectly, but he sure as hell is! Also, we need more people talking about this issue because this ‘log kya kahenge’ has ruined generations and continues to do so as we speak.

Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments.


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