“BB Ki Vines” Interviewed Shah Rukh Khan And The Internet Has Totally Lost It

By Arslan Athar | 17 Dec, 2018

“BB Ki Vines” sat down with none other than Shah Rukh Khan himself in a funny interview. The YouTuber took on one of his famous characters, Titu, and conducted the interview in his role.

Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube


Bhuvan Bam (aka BB Ki Vines) has been making YouTube content for a while now, he’s the biggest YouTuber in South Asia and has gained quite a lot of popularity, not only in India but in Pakistan also. 

I mean, clearly, the man is doing something right; he got an interview with THE King, and also had the interview gain 10 Million views in one day.

Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube


The interview was rather chilled out, and since BB was in his character, there was more funny banter between Titu and Shah Rukh Khan. 

For example, once they sat down, Shah Rukh looks at Titu and says ‘chai, paani, coffee ya sharaab tou offer karlo’, and goes on to continuously tell him off for the lack of refreshments.

Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube

Titu keeps getting awkward but also keeps asking him really silly questions, like if Gauri Khan could decorate his home.


Shah Rukh Khan was actually a really good sport about the interview. 

Titu says as the interview begins that he’s been at Shah Rukh’s home, but the King flips it around and starts to wonder if Titu was a gardener he had once hired.

Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube


Through this video, we found out what SRK dialogue SRK loves.

He chose a dialogue from the movie ‘Baazigar’. 

Kabhi kabhi kuch jeetnay ke liye kuch haarna parta hai, aur haar kar jeetnay walay ko baazigar kehtay hai”. 

Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube


You can watch the entire video here:


SRK and “BB Ki Vines” fans were ecstatic to see the interview. 

Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube


The jokes in the video were TOTAL hits!

Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube
Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube


Fans were just over the moon.

Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube


And they were impressed with his humility.

Source: BB Ki Vines / Youtube

What was your favorite part of the interview? Let us know in the comments.



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Cover Photo Courtesy: BB Ki Vines / YouTube

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