Ainak Wala Jin's Bil Batori Just Passed Away And A Whole Generation Is In Mourning

By Sarah Babar | 14 Oct, 2017

Today brought the saddest news for everyone who would wake up early before going to school, just to watch PTV and STN. For those who couldn’t wait to get home from school to sit in front of the television and watch their favorite shows. One such favorite show, that kept everyone hooked on, was Ainak Wala Jin. 


Ainak Wala Jin was not only the source of entertainment for many but a source of endless nightmares

Bil Batori and Zakoota kept many of us awake for hours


Just a few months ago, social media was buzzing with news of the conditions Nusrat Ara ji was forced into living in

Source: @newsmentary / Twitter

The actor who played the wicked witch, Bil Batori, was living in poor conditions and the news began circulating everywhere on the Internet. There were appeals to the government to aid the legend so she could find better living conditions


But today marks one of the saddest days of television history, and thinking about Bil Batori will always come with a pang of sadness, now

We’ve lost one of the most iconic faces from our generation, Nusrat Ara


After the news today, however, a whole generation is heartbroken


She will always, always be special to us


There were duas


People were thanking her for the memories


There were prayers in abundance


We leave you with these words

Whenever we have to scare a little child, we will always sing the Bil Batori song. Whenever we have to introduce someone to good old Pakistani television, Ainak Wala Jin will always be on that list. Whenever we’re bored and want to binge-watch on nostalgia, our minds will always go towards the adventures of Bil Batori and Zakoota. But it will never be the same, anymore. Rest in peace, Nusrat Ara ji. 

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