15 Times Beren Saat From “Ishq E Mamnoon” Was The Angel From Your Dreams

By Sarah Babar | 9 Apr, 2018

Beren Saat aka Bihter aka woman who has been ruling the hearts of so many people all over the world, is one of her kind. She not only took over our screens with “Ishq E Mamnoon”, opening up the avenue for a whole stream of Turkish dramas to take over our airwaves, but she also also been reigning supreme with “Kosem Sultan”, which has the last episode of the second season airing tonight.

Source: @wishfulromancing / Tumblr


Beren Saat is nothing short of gorgeous, she has this innocence about her that is really hard to find in people, anywhere, anymore

Source: @terrorinbeauty / Tumblr


1. So here are just some of the times this absolute beauty took our breaths away

Source: @berenn_saat / Instagram

We’re not even kidding she looks adorable even when she’s voting


2. Or when she’s just casually walking into a restaurant with a bunch of flowers

Source: @sarahh_saat / Instagram


3. When she’s striking a pose and taking our breaths away

Source: @berenn_saat / Instagram


4. Just look at her exuding grace and beauty in our direction

Source: @berenn_saat / Instagram


5۔ Or when, sorry boys, she looked absolutely in love at her wedding

Source: @berenn_saat / Instagram


6. Even in this beachy photo, which isn’t on the beach lols, she looks absolutely adorbs

Source: @berenn_saat / Instagram


7. Is the light coming from the sun or her? Guess we’ll never know

Source: @berenn_saat / Instagram


8. Or look at baby Beren looking SO ADORABLE we can’t even…

Source: @berenn_saat / Instagram


9. There’s something about this woman and a certain warmth that she exudes

Source: @berenn_saat / Instagram


10. Even in casual car selfies, where she’s barely in the picture, she makes us smile

Source: @berenn_saat / Instagram


11. Or when she talks about how young men should be taught to respect women

Source: @beren.saat_lebanon_fans / Instagram

“Teach your son to show respect and love to women”


12. She can go from adorable to fierce in the blink of an eye

Source: @mexico.fans.beren.saat / Instagram


13. And then straight up gorgeous

Source: @beren_saat_syria / Instagram


14. With just a dash of mischief

Source: @berensaat.fans / Instagram


15. And there you have it, it’s the closest to perfection we’re gonna get to

Source: @berensaat.arab / Instagram



If it isn’t obvious enough, we absolutely love you, Beren Saat. Here’s to seeing a lot more of you on our screens! Okay byeee ~


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Cover image via: jean luccas / Flickr

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