13 Of The Best Places In Karachi To Get Your Khow Suey Fix From

By Saad Zubair | 16 Nov, 2017

Khow Suey, khawse, or Khao Suey. No matter how you spell it, this broth of noodles, chicken, curry and chips garnish is a very popular dish in Pakistan’s urban centers. Karachi is home to several communities who have been making this Burmese dish (although the original Burmese dish is called and made a little differently) at home for decades. If you are Memon, Gujrati, or Bohri, chances are you’ve been enjoying this at home since childhood. The popularity of this dish has resulted in many commercial home chefs and restaurants to include it on their menu.

Following are the places that you can get your Khow Suey fix from:


Simple Dimple

Simple Dimple has become famous for mouth watering Khow Suey over the years. You can get one delivered hot and fresh to your home or office and its possibly the closest you can get to home-cooked Khow Suey.

via: Simple Dimple/ Facebook

The Deli

The Deli is one of the best places to dine in and enjoy Khow Suey. The establishment offers Thai and Italian among its cuisines but it’s a great place to enjoy this classic Burmese dish with your bae or family.

via: The Deli/ Instagram


Mirchili is famous for its chaat, bhel puri, and other desi delights but also has Khao Suey on the menu. It’s spicy, filling and has more of a desi touch to it than other places on this list. Mirchili is open in several locations throughout Karachi including Defence and Tipu Sultan Road.

via: Mirchili/ Facebook


Cafeela is one of the finest restaurants that serve Khao Suey. It offers a nice ambience along with ther multi-cuisine options such as Chicken Makhni and Spicy Keema to go along with the Khao Suey.

via: Cafeela/ Facebook

Saira Faruqi – PepperLime & SugarPlum

Saira Faruqi is one of the most popular home chefs and her Khow Suey recipe is to die for. She is one of the best connoisseurs of this craft and if you are craving for a delicious bowl of Khow Suey, give her a try.

via: Saira Faruqi/ Facebook


TemptAsian is another highly rated service that you can order Khow Suey to your home or office. Loaded with chicken, noodles and slims, what more can you ask for?

via: TemptAsian/ Facebook

Urban Kitchen

Urban Kitchen by homechef Samina Khan joins Simple Dimple, TemptAsian and others on the list as a delivery service but specialize in catering and parties. If you desire to throw a Khow Suey party for your friends, do give Urban Kitchen a try.

via: Urban Kitchen by Samina Khan


Soi is one of the best Pan-Asian restaurants in town and its Khow Suey is one of the best dishes on the menu. It’s more oriental and less desi but has become one of my favorite dishes to order on future visits.

Source: Saad Zubair

Lala’s Food Corner

Burns Road is famous for desi delights from bun kababs to barbecue specialties, but it’s also home to Lal’s Food Corner. It offers desi style khow suey on its menu so it’s worth trying if you’re in the area.

Source: Lala’s Food Corner

Chairman Mao

Chairman Mao used to have two locations: Port Grand and Bukhari Commercial in Defence Phase 6. It started off as a Chinese delivery service and is still perhaps the best of its kind today. It boasts a brilliant Thai and Chinese menu. On it’s Thai menu, you can get Khow Suey and like its top-rated Chinese and Thai dishes, this noodle and curry delight will become a favorite.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khao_soi

Desi Gali

Desi Gali in Defence Phase 6 is home to excellent local cuisine which also includes Khow Suey. This is the localized version and its a treat.

via: Desi Gali/ Facebook


Spicogetti as the name suggests, is focused on spicy food featuring spaghetti which includes Khow Suey. Located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, it offers the desi version and its one of the better dine-in restaurants on the other side of the bridge for it.

via: Spicogetti/ Facebook


This is one of the newer delivery-only places for khow suey and has garnered a strong reputation. If you’re tired of Simple Dimple, Pepperlime and TemptAsian, then do try out YummyMummyAndMe. As the name suggests, it’s prepared to give that homecooked feeling just like its competition.

via: YummyMummyAndMe/ Facebook

Do give some of the mentioned restaurants and homechefs a try and let us know how they were. If we missed out on a favorite, do mention it in the comments below.


Cover Image via: The Deli/ Instagram

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