19 Things You Can Only Do With Your Best Friend

By Sanaa Bajwa | 7 Mar, 2016

Friendship is the only bond we form that doesn’t have a blood or legal basis. You could walk away at any moment and no one really takes friend-break-ups that seriously. Yet it’s probably the most durable bond, and the one that is the most important for our sanity.

Here are 19 things that are true for all the special someones in our lives:


1. It doesn’t matter how long you meet after, you know exactly who they’re checking out in the restaurant

And of course you don’t think they’re good for them. No one’s good enough for your bestie.

Source: Tumblr


2. Hanging out together, even if you’re just quietly stalking someone on Facebook, is ridiculously comforting

A snort at your ex’s new profile picture is all the surety you need that you’re better of without them.

Source: Tumblr


3. You know exactly how they’re going to react to any given situation

“Phupho nay rishta manga hai, main aaj raat ko Iran bhaag raha hoon.” 

Source: Tumblr


4. You know how to make them happy

Whatever that entails, you’re there for them when they need any kind of a lift.

Source: Tumblr


5. You also know exactly how to destroy them

Or what to say that will make them incoherent with rage because you know all their little insecurities and fears. Yes, friend fights suck.

Source: Tumblr


6. You take the successful planning and execution of each others mehndis as a test of your friendship

If the dance coordination is off by even a second you will gladly kill the offending party right there on the dance floor.

Source: Tumblr


7. Nothing is more awesome than getting to marry your best friend

Seriously. The benefits of two with only one birthday to remember.

Source: Tumblr


8. You have to discuss everything that happens in the serial you’re following RIGHT after you finish watching it

And you know the pain of not being able to talk about it because they still haven’t seen it.

Source: Tumblr


9. You act more like a couple with them than you do with your actual partner

You’d never forget their birthday. Mian ki kher hai.

Source: Tumblr


10. You understand each others code words

In fact, a lot of your conversation would be incomprehensible to an outsider.

Source: Tumblr


11. You’re more like family than friends

They know everything about you and your family, and your families treats each other like an extra family member.

Source: Tumblr


12. Taking the perfect candid selfie takes up a LOT of your time

You’re great friends, but everybody should know how great you look friending together.

Source: Tumblr


13. Most of the main memories of your life have them in there

You could use their brains to replace your memories if you were to ever lose your own.

Source: Tumblr


14. They’re the only wingman/woman you’ll ever need

They’ll be your go-between, undertaking investigations, passing indirect messages and talking you up in front of your crush. You’d probably never get anything done without them in the love department.

Source: Tumblr


15. They’re always looking out for what’s best for you and getting you out of sticky situations

Whether it’s waking you up for an exam or convincing you to not pursue the boy next door, they’re your second conscience and personal secretary.

Source: Tumblr


16. There is no judgement

You could confess to having day dreams about Justin Bieber and they would hear you out.

Source: Tumblr


17. You could be completely different personalities, but still only turn to each other when you need a friend

Opposites attract and you learn from each other.

Source: Tumblr


18. Making fun of them is your personal sphere

Let anyone else say anything even slightly critical and you’ll be on them like an aunty at the Sapphire lawn launch.

Source: Tumblr


19. You do the most ridiculous things together

You push each other to be more relaxed in your own skin and have a great time while you’re at it. Remember, nothings stupid if there is at least two of you doing it.

Source: Tumblr


Your best friend is why you’re sane in life. Share it with them to remind them how much they mean to you.

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