18 Extremely Simple Signs That You've Found Your Best Friend For Life

By Hurmat Riaz | 10 Sep, 2017

In each stage of life, we have a best friend. But somehow, there comes a friend who sticks around for a major portion of your life. They have seen all of your highs and lows and they know how and when to have your back.

Here are the things you can do because you’ve got that friend who’s the rock of your life:


1. They call you precisely at the exact moment when you’re thinking of them

They feel it in the air that you need to talk to them. And talking to them makes you realize that you actually needed to hear their voice.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


2. A best friend can decipher your feelings even from text messages

It sounds strange but they have this magical power where they can sense your feelings from the tone of your text message.

Source: Bays and Thomas Productions


3. You know you can talk to them any time of the day or night and they’ll be available for you

No matter what happens, they are there to lift your spirits and back you up.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures


4. Sometimes you feel that they know you more than you know yourself

Sometimes they are telling you how you’ll act in a situation and you realize that they are right.

Source: Showcase Productions


5. A real best friend always knows how to cheer you up

Source: Hum Network Limited


6. You don’t need to make big plans to have fun with them

You go to each other’s place and just take a nap there and it feels like you had a lot of fun.

Source: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions


7. Unka ghar aap ke liye apne ghar jaisa hai

You even go through their fridge and it’ll not be a problem.

Source: 20th Century Fox Television


8. You can talk to each other just through eye contact

Just a look and you know what they mean.

Source: 20th Century Fox Television


9. And you can predict each other’s actions

‘I knew that she was going to do that.’

Via: Tumblr


10. You sometimes find each other completing sentences and sharing the exact same thoughts

And then you high five each other for your awesomeness.

Source: Deedle-Dee Productions


11. Their family treats you like their own

Their khala, chachi, mami, etc. also ask about you all the time.

Source: Oriental Films


12. You have adopted the same habits, unknowingly

It can be as simple as walking around with a pen in your hand but you’re doing it because your friend does it.

Via: Tumblr


13. You know you can be weird around them without worrying about it

You go all crazy when you’re out with each other and you don’t judge each other, of course.

Source: ShoMan Productions


14. There are inside jokes between you that have been going on for ages

And you always crack up at the mention of it no matter how old it is.

Source: Illumination Entertainment


15. You are not jealous of each other’s new friends

You both know that you need friends wherever you go. In fact, you become friends with them and it’s like a whole new group.

Source: Dharma Productions


16. Just a glance at their face makes you happy

Their existence makes you believe that there are still amazing people in the world and it gives you hope and happiness.

Source: Universal Pictures


17. You know it’s okay if you don’t talk daily

They won’t even make a big deal out of it because they know that life has got both of you busy.

Source: Outerbanks Entertainment

18. Because when you talk and meet, it’s going to be like nothing has changed

You are in the same spirits and you pick up right where you left off.

Source: Showcase Productions


If you have that friend in your life, tag them and make them feel special. ^_^


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