Bella Swan From Twilight Is Now A Charlie’s Angel And I Can't Believe We've Come This Far

By Manahil | 30 Jun, 2019

Twilight to Charlie’s Angels, what a journey


If you haven’t already heard there’s going to be a ‘Charlie’s Angels’ reboot

19 years after Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore were the Charlie’s Angels the movie is getting the remake it deserves. And it’s coming out SOON. It’ll be out in theatres in November of this year.

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The previous one was an ICONIC film, to say the least

If you guys don’t know the story, it’s about three gorgeous girls who work as private detectives for a man named Charlie. It stared some amazing actresses, including Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore as the Angels. And of course, they kept the standards high, and literally, everyone is now wondering who the new angels are going to be.

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But I think it’s safe to say this movie won’t disappoint

I mean, it’s Kristen Stewart! Yes, the one and only. From vampire to an Angel? Uhh, we’re definitely here for it. The other two Angels are new faces to me at least, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.


Kristen Stewart was the lead actress in the Twilight Saga that was released over 10 years ago. Like WHAAAT? Do you feel old yet?


I mean, remember her back then?

Sweet, shy, Bella.

source: Summit Entertainment


And now? Fierce spy. Yes, hello, that’s her.

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And, not to mention the lewks she’s sporting in the latest trailer of Charlie’s Angels

Like, girl…

source: Columbia Pictures


Is there anything she can’t pull off?

source: Columbia Pictures

And I thought I was straight…


She was also known for not showing much emotion on screen previously, but fans literally feel a difference this time.


And talking about familiar faces, there’s a lot of familiar voices in the trailer as well.

You’re probably wondering why the singers in the trailer sound so familiar, and that’s because – well, they are. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey teamed up and are the voices behind the song “Don’t Call Me Angel”. But since it hasn’t been released fully, people are going a little bit crazy.

Well, I don’t blame them. It is a pretty catchy song. Back when Charlie’s Angels was first released, the trailer song for it was sung by Destiny’s Child. So it’s only fitting that the most popular singers at this time, sing this one.


Getting hyped up? You can watch the brand new trailer right here:



Cover Image via: Temple Hill Entertainment / Columbia Pictures

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