Here's What We Think About The Ali Azmat vs. Umair Jaswal Phadda

By Haadia Paracha | 27 Jul, 2016

Look at all of them, just chilling, hanging out, being utterly cute and goofy:

Source: Umair Jaswal Official Via: Facebook


Annnnnnnd that’s us when we saw Ali Azmat’s leaked video


“What leaked video?” you ask? For those of you who need a crash course in today’s episode of battle of the egos, here you go:


Apparently, a certain leaked video of Ali Azmat made rounds over social media today.

The said video features Ali casually lounging with his guitar and talking about stardom actually is.

Watch the full video here:


Ali proceeded to collectively diss (for the lack of a better word) various singers in Pakistan who either give up singing to pursue individual acting careers or do covers of already existing songs.

Source: Express Tribune


Among one of his targets was Umair Jaswal, the much adorned rock idol who was featured in Coke Studio.

“Is Sami Meri Waar his own song? It’s a folk song. They made changes to it and turned it into an absolutely mess”, Ali Azmat says in the video.

Via: The News


Lucky for us, Umair Jaswal responded and dismissed the whole episode altogether:



“You’re entitled to your own opinion but you can’t force it on anyone”, Umair stated. “It’s time that you came back to the future and became relevant (again)”



Meanwhile, here are our two cents on the person behind the leaked video.


What do you think about this whole… shall we call it “scandal”? Is it Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West level of crazy? Are you as excited as us for having a home grown desi battle between the singers?


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