People Are Losing Their Shit Over PTI's Attempt To Ban Doraemon

By Arslan Athar | 3 Aug, 2016

This afternoon PTI lawmakers moved a resolution in the Punjab Assembly to ban Doraemon. Their justification for doing this? According to the the lawmaker behind the resolution, Malik Taimoor Masood, the cartoon has explicit content and is pulling children away from their culture and tradition.


Now what exactly is Doraemon?

It is an animated anime cartoon series from Japan. It follows the adventures of a time travelling robot cat who goes back in time to help out an awkward pre-teen boy named Nobita.  Yup, it sounds pretty out there, but a lot of kids (and adults) indulge in this show.



Twitter has dubbed this into an epic battle: #PTIvsDoraemon

Who’s side are you on?


This guy has the real ‘inside’ scoop

This person’s saying it as it is


Dayyuum, this guy can serve a burn

Come to think of it, he has a suspicious surname too.


People are pointing out priorities for the political party, btw

The next dharna is brewing


Okay this GIF is hilarious!!


Someone also pointed out how our “adults’ shows” are more cartoon-ish than the cartoons


This exposes how it all started


Here are some people who have “problems” with the show

A major problem people have with the cartoon is the fact that it’s dubbed in Hindi. Because the show is originally in Japanese (and we don’t speak the language), the nearest thing we can get for our kids is the dubbed version. So the theory is, that this time travelling cat will make our children forget Urdu. Haww Hayee!

Let’s just ban India


As said before, let’s just ban India

He agrees, but also hates them?

Destroyed? Really?


And well, some people chose which side they want to be on. Let’s just say the PTI isn’t having a good day today.

Yes, a Japenese Robot Cat (which has been dubbed in Hindi) is more popular than Imran Khan! Never has the phrase “These are interesting times to be living in” been more apt!


 We will leave you with the EXCLUSIVE footage that PTI lawmakers saw of the cartoon and decided to move the resolution:




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