Baby Nishwa Lost Her Life Because Of Doctor's Negligence, Her Father's Heartbreaking Response Is Too Much To Handle

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 22 Apr, 2019

Poor medical facilities in the country are a failure of state and it has been the case since decades now. Many cases go unreported but, luckily, Nishwa’s case came to the forefront when she suffered irreparable brain damage and became paralyzed after being administered with a wrong injection by the nursing staff of Dar ul Sehat Hospital in Karachi, last week. She was brought to the hospital on April 6, suffering from diarrhea.


The nine-month-old lost her battle with life today at another private hospital where she was being treated for the staff’s negligence that left her brain nearly dead

A two-member body was formed to probe the case. The hospital also admitted its error and took full responsibility, firing the nursing staff who had attended to Nishwa that day. However, none of this helped in saving the ill-fated child’s life.


Imran Ismail, Governor Sindh, while offering his condolences to the family, emphasized on the need of new health related regulations to be enforced in the country.


Nishwa’s father, Qaiser Ali has been receiving threats from the high ranking police officers, who forced him to withdraw his demands for action against the hospital

Ali recorded a video message announcing the demise of his daughter and requesting that a strict action should be taken against the culprits.


Pakistanis on Twitter are feeling bad for the poor father and the loss that he has to bear


People have lost faith in institutions, thinking that there may never be justice in our part of the world


This just breaks our heart and rightfully so everyone else’s too.

There is a dire need to improve the state of hospitals in the country. Good medical facilities are only available for a certain class who can afford that treatment. It is the responsibility of the state to provide funds for better health facilities and proper trained, empathetic staff.


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