Babar Azam Just Lost It At Zainab Abbas For Making A Joke About Him & Twitter's Going Mad Crazy

By Sarmad Amer | 25 Nov, 2018

Babar Azam just snapped so hard at Zainab Abbas and we’re cringing here.


Pakistani cricket team is playing a Test series against New Zealand and one player in particular had been doing really well, Babar Azam.

Azam scored his maiden century in the second Test match, bringing up hopes for Pakistan to actually be able to tie this series against the Kiwis.


After the innings Zainab Abbas congratulated Babar for his performance

Now, to an ordinary person this tweet sounds like Mickey Arthur, the coach, may be a strong mentor to Babar Azam even a paternal figure so Zainab mentioned the “son” thing while congratulating Babar. However, Babar just took the message in a very, very wrong way.


Babar snapped back at her and boy oh boy, he did not hold back

He was brutal.


Naturally, this interaction didn’t go unnoticed and Twitter is having a field day


Other players are getting in on the action too

Jalti pe tail daal rahay hain saaray.


Babar Azam is the top trend on Pakistani Twitter right now

Via: Twitter


While most people are finding it pretty funny


Others are even criticizing Babar for losing his cool over a light hearted comment by Zainab that wasn’t made to taunt him


This person is trying to find a conspiracy behind this interaction between the player and the commentator


And this guy’s trying to explain the situation


But all in all, this dude just summed up the whole thing pretty well


Do you think Zainab “crossed the limits” as Babar thinks or did you get that she was making that comment in jest? Can’t wait to see how this drama unfolds. Knowing Zainab, though, we think it’s pretty much going to be her explaining to Babar bhai what she really meant and this whole thing will clear up. But… we can always hope for drama 😜

Sound off in the comments below, folks.



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