Ahmed Ali Butt's Son Was In A Fashion Show And He’s Honestly The Cutest Model I’ve Ever Seen

By Owais Bin Asad | 30 Oct, 2018

Ahmed Ali Butt has been a major name in our media industry for quite a while now. The Jawani Phir Nahi Aani star has done many roles in the industry but today his son, Azaan Ahmed Butt, just took his first steps into the field.


Ahmad’s young son walked in a fashion show and won our hearts

Yes! The little kiddo’s a pro and he’s A BALL OF CUTENESS!

Two days ago, during the Hopscotch Fashion Week 2018, little Azaan Ahmed Butt walked the ramp for the first time ever. Not only did he walk the ramp, but HE WAS ALSO THE SHOWSTOPPER AS WELL! I mean, I am not surprised because…like…look at the kid, he is absolutely adorable.


Azaan’s proud daddy posted this on his Instagram to share the news with the world and honestly, I can understand his excitement.

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MASHALLAH ALLAH KHAIR Today my son #AzaanAhmadAliButt walked his first ever #fashionshow thanks to @ilovehopscotch and I just have no word to tell you how proud I am as a father and as your buddy. ALLAH always bless you and always keep you safe from all evil eye and danger. And always keep you safe and secure with love and respect in your heart. To make you a better Muslim and a human being. Love Baba Ps. your mother is a super woman remember that. MashaAllah, AlhumduliAllah, SubhanAllah From your Mother: Son, #AzaanAhmadAliButt, we are proud of you, no matter how old you get, you'll always be our little prince. . Thank you for letting us be the best parents we can be, just by being yourself a wonderful, boy. We're so fortunate to have a fantastic son like you. You are loved, today, tomorrow and always….. . At such young age, you are already starting your own life, I am a little emotional to see you do things confidently and independently. Congratulations and best wishes for your first ever official public Event. Can't wait sweetheart, let's do this 🙂 . Proud Parents…. @fatima_khanpk @lotuspakistan #Fatima_Khanpk #fashionistafatima #fatimakhan #fatimakhanButt #AhmedAlibutt #AhmadAlibutt #HopscotchRunway #HopscotchFW18 #ilovehopscotch @ilovehopscotch

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Ok, so three things I got to mention here:

  1. Did I mention how adorable and cute he looks?
  2. Did anyone notice how Ahmed Ali Butt also called his wife a superwoman? Cute!
  3. I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing in life. I mean, look at the kid. He’s like one-third my age and is a freaking showstopper. He walked the ramp. The only thing I’ve ever walked is over my parent’s expectations of me.

Khair, back to the kid.


Dressed in this cute checkered shirt, jeans, and jacket combo (plus that cute bow tie), the kid stole everyone’s hearts.

His mother, Fatima Khan, also posted a picture of her son on her Instagram and her followers melted right away! Both parents said that they were super proud of what their son had accomplished at such a young age and that they’d always be proud of him no matter how old he got.


But that, still, isn’t the highlight of the event. THIS BOMB WALK IS. 

Azaan Ahmed Butt, ladies, and gentlemen. Casually killing the game.

The kid, during his walk, stopped in between and blew a kiss to the audience and it is pretty damn obvious that EVERYONE melted. I wasn’t even there and he was able to steal my heart through a screen. And once he was done with the kiss, he TRIED to casually put his hand back into his pocket and struggled and UGH IT’S ALL JUST SO CUTE.


People were quick to respond to the posts and they had the same reaction as I did.

Source: @fatima_khanpk / Instagram


MashAllah-s all around indeed! Even though everyone was melting over the kid, one individual was busy accomplishing their life goals. Or at least trying.

Source: @ahmedalibutt / Instagram

Waisay tou mujhy bhi Hina Altaf se milna hai lekin phir bhi yaar, koi jaga hoti baat karnay ki.


The rest of the people were equally excited about the kid’s future and wished him a better life!

Source: @ahmedalibutt / Instagram


So, this was Azaan’s first ever step in the fashion industry. What do you guys think about this? Did you think he looked adorable AF? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via  @fatima_khanpk / Instagram

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