This Girl Gang In Karachi Is Allegedly Scamming Men Out Of Their Money And Wait… What?!

By Biya Haq | 30 Oct, 2018

Girl Gang sounds like a music group tbh, like Gucci Gang


Whether it’s in movies, books or childhood stories, women have always been portrayed as damsels in distress who need saving. And though playing that role has become typical in make believe,

It seems as though in Karachi, not so much.


These girls in Karachi have apparently been extorting boys for money and they just got caught.

Source: 92 News


Turns out, 7 girls were part of a larger gang that was operating in Karachi. Their job was to collect guy’s numbers, send them their pictures, ask for their pictures and then scheme them into sending the girls money. Once pictures of the girls were obtained by the police, it wasn’t long before they were busted.

Source: 92 News

However, the authorities are still in pursuit of the ringleader of the group.

And okay, yes, this is a crime and no we are not saying it is okay in ANY WAY, but you’ve got to admit, this whole scenario would make a pretty great action-packed movie.

AGAIN! Totally saying it as a joke, not be taken seriously. A crime is a crime and you should have to pay for all of your injustices no matter what gender you are.


Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from commenting on the whole thing.

Source: Naya Karachi Via Facebook
Source: Naya Karachi Via Facebook
Source: Naya Karachi Via Facebook



What do you think about this raid? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover photo source: 92 News

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