Here's Why Ayeza Khan's Performance In ‘Koi Chand Rakh' Is Just Too Good To Be True

By Arslan Athar | 2 Oct, 2018

Although ‘Koi Chand Rakh’ is still ongoing, people are falling hopelessly in love with Ayeza Khan’s acting and her character. The actress plays ‘Rabail’ in the show, a loving daughter caught between the love of her cousin and the prospect of her future life with Zain. Throughout the show, she is made the target, not only by her cousin Umair, but slowly by the rest of his family also. She has moments of great weakness but also moments of great strength and resilience.

The first time that Umair professes his love to Rabail, her reaction was that of shock, disappointment, and anger.

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The way that all played out on screen drew people towards Rabail since she was clearly a strong female character. She screams at Umair, tells him what he’s feeling is wrong and drags him out of her room. This was definitely a moment of strength for Rabail, being able to stand up against Umair and telling him off, however, the thing with this character is that she’s way too complex.

Rabail’s soft nature is another aspect of why she is loved by audiences. 

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While she is upfront with Umair about how much she disapproves of his feelings, she is also bound by her motherly side that always wants to tend to him. She can be sakht but she can also be loving and this is the space she lives in with regards to Umair; she shifts from having to be stern with him and having to be nice to him.

Rabail also has to face her family, who is slowly turning against her, because they blame her for how Umair is behaving. 

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As Umair gets worse, the family begins to blame Rabail for how he’s acting. They find fault in how she behaves with him, and almost accuse her of making him fall for her. Rabail is torn by this, she loves her family and she’s the type of person who puts family above all else. Ayeza plays this part really convincingly. You can feel the hurt that Rabail goes through when Nashal and her Mami begin to ostracise her and make her feel excluded.

Again, what makes Rabail, and in turn, Ayeza’s acting, so memorable is the fact that she takes her family’s attitude and turns it into a sacrifice. 

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Rabail is initially distraught that Nashal and her Mami hate her for turning Umair into this crazed little boy who runs after her. Her love for her family is so strong that she sacrifices herself to their allegations for the sake of her family. It visibly breaks her, but she would rather have her family be back to normal, more than anything.

Ayeza Khan’s best performance in the show came out in a recent episode, during her character’s mehndi. 

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During the ceremony, Umair begins to burn papers in his room as a protest to Rabail’s shaadi. The entire family is outside his door, begging him to let them in but he’s stubborn. Then, enters Rabail! Her rage is mixed in with her undying love for her family. With tears in her eyes, she looks at the door and speaks to Umair directly. She tells him to open the door, inciting his love for her and using that as a weakness against him. It works, and when it does work, it breaks her, since it hurts Umair to have her use his feelings against her.

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Ayeza Khan really puts life in this complex character. Her skills make us feel bad for Rabail and what she’s going through and that’s a mark of a great actor. For the people who watch ‘Koi Chand Rakh’, Ayeza Khan’s acting is what draws them to watch each episode, and it’s what makes them feel for Rabail the way they do.


Have you seen the show? What do you think of Ayeza’s performance so far?


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