If You're Away From Home And You Start Feeling Alone, Here's What To Do

By Sarah Babar | 18 Mar, 2017

It’s no secret that when you move out of the country, whether it is to study or to work, homesickness slowly creeps its way in, somehow or the other. Maybe you start missing maa ke haath ka khaana, or maybe even ghar ka sukoon, because you obviously have to cook yourself, be responsible for everything, and in most cases, have nobody to turn to.

We’ve all had rough days when we just wish we could come home to a full house and just not do anything. But what happens when you don’t have a full house to come to? Do you start missing home more and more? While there are ways out, you have to take the first step yourself. Your parents and family have not sent you away from themselves for you to be sad and have it interfere with what you’re actually there for.

Here are a few ways that can help you get on that journey towards feeling better and making the most out of your time abroad:


When setting up your new place, try incorporating something from home into it

This can be done in quite a few ways: putting up pictures of people you hold close, for example. This will let you make a little sanctuary for yourself, and this could help you out when you want to feel like you’re at home. Anything from candles to cushions works.

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Write, and don’t just video call your friends and family

And by write, I mean actually write. Sure, emails, Skype, WhatsApp works great for instant communication, but there’s something about a letter that arrives at your doorstep. It feels like a little present, that’s just arrived. The fact that someone missed you enough to take time out and write you a letter and post it, just that feels pretty great. And you don’t have to write every day, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or even sometimes just because.

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Always update your near and dear ones about what you’re feeling

There’s no better feeling for anyone than to feel loved. Drop your family a text every now and then. It doesn’t even have to be a fully-fledged conversation, just a ‘hey, I was thinking about you, hope you’re well’.

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I know sometimes if you may be trying to open up to your dad and not getting the response, you’ll feel cut off. Dads try not letting on their emotional side, but secretly they love it. And they show all their friends, too. Because even if nothing ever works out, you’ll always have a home to go back to.


Learn how to cook some of the food that’s made at home

You know the times when you’re out of ideas about what to eat and you’re hungry and tired and settle for cereal or anda toast? And you wish you could get some gher ka khaana. Because we all know Gher ka khana = comfort food. When you have at least that going for you, you’ll feel less alone. What’s more, while you’re learning these recipes, involve a family member. That way you will get to spend time with family, and never go hungry again.

Source: deenga.com


Don’t isolate yourself

You haven’t moved out of the country and left a whole life behind just so you can hole yourself up and dig a pit of despair for yourself. You’ve gone to make something of yourself and to make a life for yourself. If you’re missing home and it’s getting a bit much, go out, have fun, talk to people. You need to understand that you’re not alone; there are other people out there in the exact same situation as you, so go out there, speak to other people, and you’ll be surprised at the kind of comfort you can get out of a simple conversation.

Source: NDTV

And whatever you do, know that you’re not alone in this, and that there are people out there who will help you out. All you have to do is ask. And if there’s one thing you do, please have fun. Because life really is unpredictable and you can’t spend it all crying.


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