13 Things You'll Only Relate To If You Don't Really Like Talking To People

By Momina Mindeel | 18 Mar, 2017

Holding interesting conversations is an art and should be treated and admired accordingly. There are some of us who start hyperventilating when they see an acquaintance, a colleague or even a friend coming towards them, just because we can’t think of things to talk to them about.

Here’s a li’l something you’ll be able to relate to if you are really bad at holding conversations:


1. Whenever you see someone approaching, you pretend to be on the phone so you don’t have to talk to them 

Hand wave say kam chalana is your ultimate thing.

Source: Sterling Investment Corporation


2. Whenever you’ve to sit with someone in a cab, bus or plane seat you start preparing and reading up on potential conversation starters 

Via: Tumblr


3. You rehearse conversation ideas while getting ready in front of the mirror before you meet people because you don’t like being unprepared and staying silent

Or worse, saying something really offensive.

Source: Oriental Films


4.You have memorized a few interesting instances from your life and you tend to repeat them with every person you meet 

Source: Hum Network Limited


5. So now, everybody you’ve ever met in your life knows that you went on a road trip last year and that you had a lot of fun there

Source: Hum Network Limited


6. Asking for lifts is your biggest nightmare for the mere thought of having to talk to your lifter gives you goosebumps

Via: Tumblr


7. So you just prefer traveling by cabs and rickshaws even if they cost you a fortune

At least, you won’t have to talk to the rickshaw wala over all that noise.

Via: Tumblr


8. Your friends generally come to you to vent and whine about life because they know you’ll just sit there and listen to them without talking back

Source: Six Sigma Plus


9. You don’t give people free advice so they mostly remember you as a kind, sympathetic person who always listens

Little do they realize you have lots of thoughts, you just don’t like saying them out loud because you want to avoid starting a conversation.

Source: ARY Films


10. You are generally known to be ‘THE listener’ of your friends group and in a good way

Source: Hum Network Limited


11. As a result, you are mostly judged for being morally neutral or not having sound opinions 

Via: Tumblr


12. Many a times, you formulate an entire argument in your mind but when argument actually happens you can’t even manage to utter one proper sentence 

And the entire argument comes crashing down while the other person just sits there, basking in the euphoria of having won an argument that wasn’t even fair to begin with.

Via: Tumblr


13. But above all, your life, in general, is a little pursakoon because you don’t have to be a part of the unwanted gossip sessions and arguments

Via: Tumblr


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