These Awards Are Possibly The Most Honest Film Awards In Pakistan

By Sarah Babar | 16 Feb, 2017

Award shows in Pakistan have always been a source of controversy and scandal for the audiences. Some things make it to television, some don’t, but they’re all entertaining. However, the drama doesn’t ensure the absence of nepotism, favoritism and all the other -isms out there. There’s always some form of controversy or the other.

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Most of these award shows are backed by particular production houses and of course, with that comes the baggage of altering the results.

Some industry bigwig wants a certain outcome and another wants a different one, resulting in a ghaddmadd of an award show.

Amidst all of this, emerges the Galaxy Lollywood Awards. The Galaxy Lollywood Awards (GALA) are an online awards show that are only about awards. Galaxy Lollywood, itself, is the biggest online magazine about films, in Pakistan, working on pure passion and zero monetary rewards ever since they first started. Galaxy Lollywood, run by Ayan Mirza and Momin Ali Munshi, the online awards first started in 2014 when the film industry in Pakistan was finally making its comeback. While they wanted to start in 2013, for some unforeseen reasons, they couldn’t. The solely film-based awards had to come out the same year as the ARY Film Awards but didn’t take place until the next year. The awards started with 16 categories and 1000 people casting their votes, to 20 categories and with 11000 people having already cast their votes, there are a lot more to go.

The best thing about these awards is the fact that they’re not associated with any channels, any production houses, or even sponsors. Which goes a long way to ensuring the fact that the nominations, the results and everything in between, will be completely unbiased.

They came and won us over ❤ Team #BaluMahi and team #GalaxyLollywood at the bloggers meet up. #OsmanKhalidButt #AinyJaffri

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Since Galaxy Lollywood has now become a huge entity in its own self, celebrities are also anticipating the results, and are sharing the Awards and voting platform on their own social media pages. Celebrities themselves want to endorse these awards and are, possibly, most excited about their outcome. While the voting lines are still open for this year’s Galaxy Lollywood Awards, the boys want to go even bigger for next year, and we honestly honestly can’t wait. What these people are doing for cinema, by taking out the filmy-capitalism of the whole equation, is not something anyone has ever done before.

If you want to vote for these awards, you can check vote in over here.


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